Shoe making business is did not start today, it is a business that will continue evolved from simple footwear to sophisticated footwear. Everybody wears shoes, whether rich or poor, aside the fact that it’s a basic need as a human being it’s also a way to look beautiful. Dressing up is not complete without nice shoes to go with it and this is one of the reasons why shoe making business is a very lucrative business not just in Nigeria but also in the world at large.

There different kinds of shoes, there are easy-wears, office wears, sports wears, lab wears, boots etc. In the shoe making business, skill and knowledge are very important because this will determine how you make your shoes, the kind of material you use in making the shoes and so on.

Shoe making business can thrive in what ever way you decide to start. Whether as a small scale business or a large scale what is important is your skill and the materials you use in making the shoes.

One important thing that can not be overemphasized is the quality of materials used in the shoe making business whether you are making sandals for causal or brogue for office wear of boots, the quality of the material must be a good one because nobody likes shoes of inferior quality as this affects the durability of the shoe.

This business can thrive in anyway you start but it is better when you start big and what I mean by this is having a shoe factory where you can create a brand for yourself. Whether or not you are skilled is not a prerequisite to venture into this line of business. If you do not have the skill to make shoes, then get the people that are skilled, you can employ people that know how to make shoes to work for you. However having the skill is important since it’s a business you are venturing into but it’s not compulsory.

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