Take advantage of STEPHEN IKPENI Hosting's SSD–equipped cloud web hosting platform. The ZFS file system that we deploy provides the highest degree of content safety.

Using the website accelerators that we provide for free, you’ll be able to dramatically improve the overall performance of your content–laden sites. In addition, moving your web sites to our top–of–the–range cloud hosting platform will be quick and hassle–free.

Web site handling has been now made simpler. Our point–and–click Web Site Control Panel puts all common website control procedures at your fingertips. You can upload any kind of documents with simple drag & drop movements, control all the settings of your domains and sites by one and the same place, transfer and register multiple domain names, set up and manage multiple electronic mail accounts, control email marketing campaigns, set up databases, purchase SSL Services to protect your customers, etcetera. Comprehensive statistics will keep you up–to–date with all visits and actions on your sites.
Read more: https://ikpenistephen.net/shared-hosting-service/

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