As a citizen of Nigeria living away fom home,i see politicians in this part of the world and their intergrity and accountablity.Then i wonder the kind of politicians we have back home.everybody is talking about election,but lets take alook at our politicians and their records; BUHARI, 31.12.83 He and the late Idiagbo ended a civilian government and jailed most of our elected officials.Human right abuse was the other of the day.20 years later he appeared as a civillian to contest election,he denied this country democracy and now he claims to be a democrat.IBB  AUGUST 1985  Evil genuis as some people know him as sacked BUHARI and promised us return to democracy in 1990 then 1992,then june 12 Nigeria came close to what is free and fair election.IBB denied us democracy,introduced 419 and bribery became a way of life under his government.with many accusations hanging on his head like DELE GIWA and wonders whether this men have conscience.only God saved us from Abacha,i;m sure if he is alive today he will be contesting this same the Northerners work very hard to present their consensus candidate.the big question is how credible are these candidates.we want a leader with vision who will creat jobs for people and health care and security.where he comes from does'nt matter what matters is what he will do for his we prepare for the election,your vote is your power.

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It is not true that Northerners are working very hard to present a consensus candidate.The truth of the matter is that certain greedy individuals who call themselves politicians are bent on presenting the so-called consensus candidate for their own selfish interests. It is quite unfortunate that our politicians do not base their campaigns on issues but on tribal and regional sentiments.
These politicians! Nothing good and humane is left in them.They are devil's incarnates.Without sounding more offensive,these politicians who swore by their blood and flesh, to rape our democracy to death,are just political recedivists who are hell-bent on bringing our economy c** national stability to a stinchy standstill and disreput, provided that their selfish desires are satisfied.Suffice it to say here that we as a country, are lagging behind in terms of all round developments and growth not because we are not blessed by nature, with the requisite resources(both human and natural),not because we have no good and enough laws neither is it because of the system of government we operate; it is simply so due solely to the heinous activities of those devils dressed in the proper political gament and wearing the badge of good politicians.There is little or no bad thing about our country polically and otherwise,but there are many wrongs about some of, if not all the hands stearing or aspiring to stear the wheels of our country - they are the problems we are facing in this country,not laws or system of administration.Please politicians, for the supreme interest, good and unity of this great nation, turn over a new leaf if you have not done so.Posterity and history will hold you high and humanity wil celebrate you year-in,year-out.Let me truly and humbly submit here that as not all soldiers are saints,so is the fact that not all politicians are evil - I encourage the good ones to keep it up. God bless Nigeria and her leaders.


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