our politicians have turn dis nation upside down.take a very good look at Bankole of al people,who would have thought Bankole could involved in dis unacceptable act.i encourage EFCC 2 go after others.corruption everywhere,our system is corrupt,our politice is corrupt,our public sector is corrupt,our NA is corrupt.what can of a nation is dis,dose dat mean dat everybody in dis nation is corrupt.?what can of sodom and Gomorrah act is dis.God have mercy upon Nigeria

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Eight out of every ten Nigerian politicans are thieves.  When you see them justle for positions, it is not for the interest of the masses rather for their own selfish gains.

It truly is a shame. Now in office and after: wanted by the law. Is it futile to hope for a change of heart from these leaders?
One sad thing about it is that those who preach change never act in the direction of change. 


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