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It's very very wrong,even the holy bible is against it.
i think it is wrong,but nowadays ladies and gentlemen cant endure it.
Bro,Sex was ordained for married people,But,the system of marriage in some churches today have made sex before marriage  inevitable.Adults should get married as soon as they agree instead this bureacracy in the church,From marriage council to some strange committees spanning a period of 6 months or less as the case may be.Also,people don't marry early now,that may also lead to sex before marriage.
It 's wrong islamicaly.
it is wrong because the Holy bible condemns it but the problem now is how we may abstain from it......we aint trees now
There is nothing good about it.  That people are doing it does not make is right.  God is against it.
Is wrong oooooooo......
It's wrong,and biblically wrong also. But most men argue that if the woman u're to marry isn't a virgin-and has had sex with another man or other men-why not with u as the husband to be?
Whichever way you look at it, it is wrong.  Our thoughts and ways cannot change the ways of God.


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