Is knowing what to pick up and what to set down as your goal, your job or God's job. If you set a goal and did not grab the opportunity when it came, who is to be blamed. You or God?

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@ usman, if its yourself, how and why?
God has destined watever we 're 2 've in dis world.
@ usman, let me help you. Its yourself because a man is born to make it not by folding his arms and waiting for some miracle but by struggling. Heaven helps those who help themselves

Usman Ndama said:
God has destined watever we 're 2 've in dis world.

Every person created by God is endowed with potentials.  It is now one's duty to discover the potentials and develop them.  Your potentials enables you to set goals for yourself.  Heaven cannot set goals for you.  Your destiny is in your hands because it is your duty to nuture it to fruition.  If you fail to set goals for your self, you become aimless in life.

@charles, i agreed with you totally.
You are welcome.

Michelle Obidigbo said:
@charles, i agreed with you totally.


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