In my opinion, and as a black man, the whole of this Sepp Blatter racism row smacks of hypocrisy. Sepp Blatter is no more racist than the average white European or American. Tiger Wood's former caddie, Steve Williams, who Tiger employed and paid high wages for years, eventually called him a black bastard or words to that effect. Former football manager, Big Ron Atkinson, who signed many black players into his teams, made racist remarks in an unguarded moment, and was pilloried. But everybody in the UK knew Big Ron was not a racist in the real sense of the word.
President Blatter has probably worked, played and interacted with many people of all races more than any European, Asian or Latin American Head of State in the world. 
In this case, he was not even making racist remarks. 
What he should be accused of is Insensitivity and poor judgement and use of word, not Racism.

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Akin u know a person of that status nd importance should b a role model, of exemplary character in words nd deeds. If d rice is gritty, It shouldnt b heared frm a begger. Racism is a very serious issue that cannot b settled eventually wth just a hand shake. I think he should simply apologised.

Musiliu, yes. He should just apologise, but in addition to his poor judgement and use of words, we can also add Arrogance. Mark you, I am not a great fan of Mr Blatter, but we should be objective in our evaluations of issues.

  Blatter is obviously an Anti-Racist. Read the Platini writing on the wall! They are all paying football politics.


I think the problem had to do with the English language. Blatter would have expressed himself more better in his own language than English.WHAT HE WANTED TO SAY WAS NOT WHAT HE SAID EVENTUALLY, DUE TO WRONG USE OF LANGUAGE. HE IS NEVER A RACIST N HAVE BEEN FIGTING IT.

Blatter goofed.  As the leader of the highest football ruling body in the world, one expected him to be mindful of his statements and to be careful in his choice of words.  So he has no excuse at all.


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