See how Lady who used wood glue as gel got her hair unstuck

It was a moment of relief for Tessica Brown, the lady who used Gorilla glue in substitute for gel for her hair as she finally gets the chance to be free from constant headaches and feel her hair.

People had speculated that she was going to go bald after the shocking incidence of applying Gorilla glue (used for hard surfaces like wood) instead of the normal hair glue on her hair.

On the 4th of February the 40-year-old Louisiana mom, took to Tiktok to seek advice from people as the glue on her hair has refused to detach from her head.  

At first, the viewers made fun of the situation as they were surprised why anyone will be stupid enough to apply gorrilla glue on their heads.

In her defence the mother of five reveals on ET with Mellica Johson that she was in a hurry leaving home so she just picked up the product, thinking she would easily wash it off, but it was after a week she realized it was not coming off.

Rumour had it that she even sued the company for damage, an assertion she denied vehemently.

A gofundme account was raised on her behalf, an account which she says she needed only $1500.

When asked what she intends to do with the money, she says "the wigs everyone is telling me to get"

Tessica took up Dr Michel Obeng to carry out the procedure, which cost $12500 which he offered to do for free.

After 4 long hours of surgery, the glue was finally off her hair. The relieved Tessica says she can't wait to get back her ponytail.

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