hope d 'secret meeting' bw d president and uduaghan is not 4 negotiatn or 2 hear side?it's tim we take d bull by its horn.governing of nigeria is not a family affair.

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I hope you realize that the decision of the Court of Apeal in Governorship election is final. Uduaghan can meet a hundred times with the president, that is not going to change anything. He should test his popularity once more in the pools in ninety days time.
i think u av sd it all tks.
charles,u are right.let him test his popularity at the polls and see what Deltans think of him.
No matter how many meetings he holds and irrespective of the personality involved, Deltans will determine his (Uduaghan) faith at the polls. My prayer is that the 'secret meetings' should be on how to hold a free and fair election.
tks 4 makn m [email protected]


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