With d present nigerian polity so heated up,,camps & groups all geared up 4 d kill,no 1 ready 2 back down 4 d other,,it ultimately means ''they'' are going to divide naija up,so each of dem can be ''king''.....WHAT IF NAIJA DISINTEGRATES??..me for one wont like it,,i dnt thnk d idea of biafra is a good one,,wot wit d insensitvity,greed,avarice,selfishness of our ibo leaders,,d debacle of d 5 souteast govnors & asuu is a present example,also chek out d betrayal of ohanaeze,,ibos dnt like demselves,dats d honest truth.....wot if naija seperates????

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Show me on tribe where that speaks with one voice and I will show ten that speak with different voices. Human differences abound all over the world. Even in families, there are disagreements. There is nothing new about that.
If there happens to be seggregation, men we will stil survive. The issue of our nation has become so hopeless that we should learn to live by the psalm of david in chapter 121. Our leaders don't have us in mind.
my dear, U are commenting due to Ur out of ignorance. My question to u know is this-, will it be better us to be one Nigeria in unity in diversity or will it be better 4 us to divide and retain the unity in companion irrespective of the party rivals that will occure within ourselves. Dont U know that the rate of the population of this country is also resulting to the poor development of the country. What Im commenting here know is that, if the constitution can allow us to secede, the better 4 we the southerners and also to the northerners, even b4 the discovery of oil in Nigeria the northerners were able to contribute to economy of the nation-state more than the southerners. So they can still survive without our oil. My dear, if U are not a legitimate Igbo indegiene, it will be better U padlock Ur views. We the legitimate igbos are seeking 4 our freedom or percentage revenue allocation to we the oil producing nation.
mr Azubike,try and be more civilized when writting.u are a legitimate igbo man,the problem in Nigeria is caused by corrupt regime over the years.people like u will run out of the country if civil war broke out today.next year is election,use ur vote get fresh people with new ideas to move us foward.vote wisely and kick out this gangters called pdp.lets take our destiny in our hands and vote in fresh ideas.we can survive together as one country if we get in the right people.
Mr azubuike,,there's no need 2 get emotional about anything.i would hav luvd a sit down wit u,so i can show u d many reasons why we shudnt & cant hav an ibo nation...bt 4 teasers,why dnt u research on d pattern dat led igbos 2 their present state,d factors destroying d various igbo states,,& compare the same 2 d northerners,west,,especialy with respect to their culture & polity....dnt be biased or emotional,jus try & be rational,,bt like i said a sit down wud hav exposed d insecurity imbedded in d igbo polity...
Nigeria divide. Thats a tall one. Nobody ever told u any united entity will not have its own problem. A matured nation is one that can solve its problem. The Ibos might have their own problem but they are matured. Nigeria is matured. It had its problem during the biafra war and she overcame it, she is still having problems and will always overcome it.


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