MY message is very simple. Who has ear let him/she hear!!! Nigerians don't sell ur souls!!!

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The freest, fairest and internationally accepted election of June 12, 1993 was annulled by your saint IBB. What more evil do you want him to do to the people of Nigeria.The democracy he never believed in, in 1993, now he wants to enjoy.
I hope IBB lives long enough for Nigeria to prosecute him, and for him to get his just deserts...
Everytime a Northerner makes a comment,it is always sentimental,stupid and condescending.We all know what IBB didnt do and what he did and this is the reason why any sensible Nigerian will NEVER vote for him.In the 50 years history of Nigeria which the Northerner has ruled for 38 years,there is absolutely NOTHING of substance to show for all those years.
1.No power
2.No raods
3.No hospitals or good healthcare delivery
4.No good schools
5.No water to drink
6.dirty environment
7.35 billion dollars debt to Paris Club etc,until OBJ came and cleared it.
8.Killing of Ibos and other Nigerians in the North (more than 50,000 Ibos have been killed in the North since IBB times).
9.A goverment that takes sides with foreign entities like Shell against its own citizens
I can go on and on forever but let someone show me just ONE things ANY Hausa leaders achieved that has any substance.I hope and pray that this people,the Northerners,should just sneak back to wherever they came from and set up their Islamic state.Ibo a little research and you will discover how these people are scheming to return Nigeria to the dark ages.Now they are promising the Ibos the presidency in 2015 but on the condition that they rule first and the Ibos will come and clean up the sleaze afterwards.I want our broethers the Ibo to know that NO ONE can give them the presidency on a platter.They will have to negotiate,fight,if necessary or just play good politics to get it.When the times comes,the North will simply claim that whatever agreement IBB had with the Ibo leaders ws clearly between IBB and the Ibo people.This is the truth.Do NOT be fooled again.We all know that no good thing will happen in Nigeria under the leadership of ANY Northerner.If you doubt me,look at the state of affairs in the North.We must resist these vampires i danshiki.If not now,when? If not you,who?If not like this,how?
I forgot to add they (Northerners) just love child marriage and killing Ibo people.It is their favourite pasttime.If they stay for five years without killing Ibo people,they will kill Christians instead.And these are the same people who never wanted independence from Briatin.Na wa o.
lets face it, do we have the right people involved in this coming presidential election?
in a more open society can any of these old and expired aspirants have the temerity to come out to contest?

where are Nigeria's bright young Guns? don't we have credible young men and women to contest for the highest office of our country? when every body decide to be in the background and turn to critics, who will do the job? the young politicians we have like The speaker, we have seen how useless he is.

the world is moving away 4rm the old and expired politicians, why is Nigeria and Africa in a whole stuck with these old corrupt criminals who called themselves politicians?

the only way to stop people like babangida and co is only when we are presented with younger bright politician who is untainted, with fresh ideas and different kind of politics who can rally the young people around the country. north, south, west and east jst like obama did.

all these campaigns are jst useless and doesn't and will nt have any effect.
i hope this is enough research for mr bashir, if IBB had earned and saved N20m each month of his entire working life, he still wouldn't have amassed what he has today.
This alone should have removed him from the company of decent people, it is embarrassing to belong to a country that has not jailed such a man.
I have no idea what he has done for mr bashir, but we all know what he did to Nigeria!

musa ibrahim said:
says it all about Babangida. “Of the $120 billion siphoned out of the Nigerian treasury into offshore accounts by dishonest politicians, $20 billion is allegedly traceable to IBB directly as president from 1985 to 1993.” The World Bank and other international sources of information put his total loot from the Nigerian treasury at over $35 billion.

John Fashanu, in a private investigation published in African Confidential early in Obasanjo’s current regime, discovered an alleged $6 billion debt buy-back scam by IBB between 1988 and 1993. Another $14.4 billion disappeared into off shore accounts as currency stabilization and debt buy-back scheme that actually cost $2.5 billion. One of the front-companies used, Growth Management, based in London, bought the debt for 10 cents per dollar and resold to the government at 45 cents to steal 35 cents per dollar. Fashanu was trying to recover about $17 billion for the Nigerian government only for the CBN to say they had no records of the deals. The records are out there abroad but cleaned out at home to conceal the (theft) deals.

The Wolfsberg Principles, an initiative of 11 banks and institutions across the world to fight serious international financial crimes, traced another $3 billion of our stolen money to Babangida’s accounts abroad, and $4.3 billion to Abacha’s.

Although Babangida used mostly fictitious names for his numerous accounts abroad, EFCC could zero in on some of the accounts by following up on the dusts raised early in 2003 over the financing of a leading Nigerian telecommunications project in which Babangida is alleged to own 75% shares. Mohammed fronts for his father on the authentic board of the company. Those claiming to have borrowed from foreign banks in the heat of the EFCC’s revelations at the time have not identified the collateral or sortie used. Documents on the loan supposed to have been granted on 9 February, 2001, was dated 28 August, 2006. The original ‘loan’ letter has not been presented. Apparently, Paribas Bank, based in Paris, was managing a slush fund from which investments in excess of US$400 million was made to buy into Alcatel, (the telecommunications’ partner technical partners), Bouygues Telecoms, Peugeot and Total finaelf.

Alcatel and Parabel National of France were worried at the time that their invoices for the telecom project were being inflated to launder funds by the supposed private owners of the sources of funds and that private cheques were being issued to finance the staggering project without recourse to borrowing from banks. They suspected illegal laundering of funds and threatened to withdraw collaboration on the project while alerting Interpol to investigate the sources of the private cheques being issued to finance the project.

IBB could not participate in Obasanjo’s 2003, inauguration ceremonies, because he was allegedly out of the country sorting out the Interpol queries on the Alcatel’s slush account alert, at the time. Even now, the telecoms’ financing details through Siemens etc, could be investigated by the EFCC tracing ghost cheques to issuing private sources of funds and their local and international banks to unravel possible laundering of funds.

Luscious contracts for the construction of Abuja were awarded to front-companies of his and his cronies, including Julius Berger and Arab Contractors that between them virtually single-handedly handled the construction of the new Federal Capital. The security danger of foreign companies solely constructing a country’s capital and having assess to its structural secrets, including possible Presidential underground escape routes and military arsenal volts, is mind boggling to say the least, but that is an issue for another day.

The largest, most prestigious housing estate in Alexandra, Egypt’s leading holiday resort town, is alleged to belong to Babangida. Even Egyptians cannot afford his rent, which is alleged to be in dollars. All his tenants are rich foreigners and the staff of multi-national companies operating in Alexandra. The estate is alleged to have its own airport, which Babangida uses when he visits.

Babangida is alleged to own several other housing estates around the world, including houses on Bishop Avenue in London. He uses his London houses, it is alleged, as guest houses or gifts for people on his compromise list. He is considered generous with gifts of cars with their boots stuffed with naira notes when he wants some jobs done.

Perhaps you would want to join me to play the prude accountant, generous with figures. Let’s pretend that Babangida was a General throughout his service years in the Nigerian army. Again let’s assume he spent 30 years in the army and was paid N100,000 monthly (actually, salaries of Generals were less than N10,000 a month until recently) and he saved every kobo of his salary. He would be worth about N35,000,000 plus interest in the bank today. But Babangida’s 50 bedroom palatial abode in Minna is alleged to be conservatively worth billions of naira and he does not owe any bank on it.

In 2003, he threw a wedding party for his first daughter, which numbed the nation. Some 28 governors were in attendance, and in June 2004, he treated us to another dream-like political carnival during his son’s wedding. No one dared to ask where the money came from to set up such a palatial abode or scandalous and intimidating wedding carnivals in our jungle of abject poverty and hunger. Nigerians reveled in the lavish show of shame, hoodwinked by the audacity, the sumptuous food, the ambience, the vulgarity….. At least we saw our fellow Nigerians (albeit a handful of them), living it up on the money that could have guaranteed millions of Nigerians, active, regular employment indefinitely.

Almost all the principal characters involved in leadership tussles with Babangida since 1985, Abiola, Yar Adua, Idiagbon and even Abacha, have all died through induced cardiac arrest, lethal injection, poisoned food, gassed telephone handset, etc, etc, and my fear is whether Nigeria would survive the Godfather himself? Babangida usurped eight years and eight months of the thirty-three years of military misrule and still wants to come back to finish us off properly. If he was honest with himself, he ought to be ashamed for the economic, political and social mess he has turned Nigeria into. Babangida should be heading for Kirikiri not Aso Rock.
if IBB go back to seat that means the country will experience another war.
Do we really need any facts on IBB for us to say NO to him? In fact to say 'NO' to any leader who has ever ruled this Country? Their work speak for them... an impoverished citizenry without the hope of basic amenities... There is nothing they have kept there that they should be going back to collect, especially not after IBBs 8years. What does he want? These guys have no shame or fear because their they have praise singers who do not tell the truth. God forbid that IBB should rule us again, we will be the most miserable of nations!!!!

Thought to share this write up by Tunde Ali:

Deliver us oh Lord, deliver us.
The God of our fore-fathers,
The Evil Genius is again raising his head;
To commence and perfect the uncompleted work of destructions,
Of his first eight years in office.
How much longer, oh Lord will you keep silent?
How much longer will you look elsewhere?
How much longer, oh lord will you allow;
The destiny of your people to be toiled by this man of valor?
How much longer will you allow the satanic genius to affront our collective peace?
Tell him off, oh Lord and cut him short.
Turn his schemes and pranks to foolishness
Let him know that he is an ordinary mortal.
But, as for us, we count on you for victory and loving kindness.

It is expediently imperative that every well intentioned Nigerian should cry to God to deliver us from the impending danger of Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida’s second coming.

Seventeen years ago before the self styled evil genius was forced to step aside, he had corrupted and destroyed the foundation of the Nigerian democratic institutions. His eight years of terror depicted colossal waste and monumental corruption which changed the tone and dictum of Nigeria politics for the worse. Institutionalized corruption especially at the high governmental levels, prejudicial killing and wanton murdering of innocent people who were opposed to his policies and administration were witnessed. Political schemes and maneuvering that toiled and derailed the destiny of many, and sabotaged the growth and development of the nation were the least of the atrocities committed by this faceless dictator.

The charming devil finally confirmed the speculation of his ambition to return to the Aso-Rock on his way to Asaba where he was scheduled to attend the memorial lecture in honor of his late wife – Miriam. As a Nigerian, IBB has the right to avail himself to contest any public office, however, the regimen of his past continues to haunt and vilify him. Shakespeare once said that “the evils that men do lives after them”. Certainly, IBB’s past is an indelible blood, and it will continue to torment him till he breathes his last.
Whatever IBB forgot in Aso – Rock remains unclear. Eight years is more than sufficient to make a lasting political impression if there is any to be made, or cast a web of notoriety and stagnation. IBB however chose the latter. At age of 67 or there about, Babangida cannot boast of the psychological well being and mental alacrity necessary to rule Nigeria. Taking into cognizance the psychological logjam that he has experienced since the time that he was disgraced out of office, to the emotional setback of the death of his wife. The retired general should be frankly told to his face that Nigerians did not need an extension of his nefarious and ignoble evil regime; neither will they be deceived by superficial smile that is deceptive in theme and purpose.
His maradonic strategy of divide and rule clustered with carrot and stick is re surging. It is not a surprise therefore to see some selfish and self seeking individual mouth-piecing for the evil genius. It is not impossible that they have been bought over. Otherwise, how can one explain the pleading of Gbenga Daniel that the Yoruba’s should forgive IBB for the annulment of the June 12, 1993 election. The election that has been judged the most free and fair in the history of Nigeria. My position is that if IBB is truly remorseful, he should come open, and tell the whole story to the nation and apologize to Nigerians. To restrict the apology for the annulment of June 12 election to the Yoruba’s is to be insensitive to the democratic voice of the Nigerians that voted for late Chief MKO Abiola across the nation.
Nigerians can no longer afford to be dribble into another political catastrophe by IBB or his likes. If IBB is truly repentant, and has become “born again” as he claimed, he need to demonstrate this by humbly succumbing to the demand of the Nigerian people. That is, explanation of the activities, or is it atrocities of his administration? After all, the essence of leadership is service, if the people demands accountability about his 8 years in government, courtesy demands that he provides it. If Babangida would be consider for anything at all in Nigeria political environment, the following four concerns must be addressed.
1. Why was the election of June 12, 1993 annulled?
2. What happened to the $12.4 billion oil windfall from Gulf war of 1990? (IBB should defend himself against the indictment by Okigbo Panel of Inquiry)
3. IBB should declare his assets and account for the source of his wealth between 1987 and 1992; and
4. IBB should appear before an appointed judge and defend his indictment by Justice Chukwudifu Oputa Commission on his involvement in the death of Dele Giwa – Nigerian top journalist. It is on record that the commission on Human Rights Violations and Investigation headed by Justice Chuckwudifu Oputa, concluded that “…there is evidence to suggest that IBB and two security chiefs – Brigadier general Halilu Akilu and Colonel A.K. Togun are accountable for the death of Dele Giwa by the letter bomb. We recommend this case be re-open for further investigation in the public interest.”

Until IBB provide answers to the concerns raised above, he will remain irrelevant in the Nigeria political landscape. Even if he delude himself with the status of a power broker or stakeholder, he would be eluded by peace and overwhelm by sleeplessness. Macbeth murdered sleep, and he slept no more till he was overcome. Anybody that operates in the tradition of Macbeth would undoubtedly end up in his fashion.
IBB evidently, trusted in chariots (looted wealth). He had bragged to understood the psyche of Nigerians – an indication that with money, he can silence the conscious and outspoken minority and ride over the powerless majority, but he need to be told to his face that his game is up. The poverty which his regime created and unevenly spread remains prevalent. Nigerians deserves better life not only for the rural women but also for the town dwellers of both sexes. He will therefore not be tolerated, neither would his network of cabals.
No matter the extent of our powerlessness as individual citizens, we take pride in our praying potency, and would not hesitate to take our case to the lord. The Lord who heard the cry of the Hebrews and delivered them from the yoke of Pharaoh is still in the business of answering prayer. He demonstrated this with the unexpected but acceptable “removal” of Sanni Abacha. IBB should therefore not see himself as been invincible. Though he act as if he is above the law, but when nemesis is ready to catch up with him, even if he run to live inside the rocks that hold his mansion, he will be smoked out. God listens to the cry of the helpless and He delivers them from their oppressor.

Finally, stopping IBB’s second coming is a task that must be done. It requires collective determination and participations of all Nigerians at home and diaspora. All the progressives and democratic organizations within and outside Nigeria are implored to confront the Evil General and frustrate his satanic agenda. He should be informed that Nigerians requires the service of honest and patriotic statesman as opposed to heartless selfish, and corrupt leader that is evil personified


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