HMUUUUUUHM!, a man one day in B....Y State decided and told his people to contribute for his buriel arrangements while he is still alive. Have you seen such thing? God forbid!


Sometimes I think if people know what it takes to be alive.You are alive so as to testify Gods goodness which has happened before in your life and those yet to come.


Indeed, his people contributed and when the man in question was asked why he did such thing? he said that he knows that now he is alive and he does not have any money, the contribution is for his buriel arrangements when he shall die.He said  that this will help his people not to suffer to look for money to bury him.


He said he will use the money for business now that he is still alive and if he dies tomorrow, nobody should be expected to contribute for him again. Lol! 


Let the righteous say it is well with their soul!


So say it now!

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Suppose the business fails? I think he should have asked for help from people rather than deceiving them. He cannot justify his actions in any way.
Thank you for such words. You see only fewcan understand this life.
Well like you said the man would ve begged instead of deceiving his people.
See yah, hear from you soon!


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