Safari introduces the users with its most interesting features along with its convenient interface. Still, many users come to notice troubles while working on it. It is very important to update your browser to its latest one in order to feel its new features.

If you have recently updated and facing the problem like Safari not working on Mac after update, do not worry as it can be easily cured using the simple troubleshooting steps.

Know how to cure if Safari is not working on Mac after update

First of all, evaluate the Ad Blocking software dwelling in your system. Safari extensions are accessed to enhance the browsing experience, but sometimes they reflect the opposite effect on your system. This may be the reason for not working your Safari browser on Mac. in order to remove the extension, go through the following steps:

Choose Safari and go to the Preferences option that is given in the top menu. Then open the Extensions tab. Remove the extensions from your device.

Also, you can force quit the Safari and restart it by holding the shift key.

If the Safari browser is not working and you are confronting Unblock Origin, which can be downloaded using the Apple Store service and also can be applied as a Safari extension. It is a preferred blocker for Safari on MacOS Mojave. Safari disables extensions are not downloaded from the App store having the latest MacOS Mojave update and it is highly recommended to use Safari without any Ad blockers. After that, you can check to work with Safari on your Mac.

For the assurance, make sure that your Mac is connected to the Internet and the connection is working properly. If the internet is working properly, it proves that the problem is only with the browser.

After going through the above-mentioned steps, if still Safari not responding and the problem is persisting, in such a situation, you can contact the Apple customer service team where you will be provided instant assistance to resolve your issue.

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