Is it proper to invite a lady to ur bedroom on a 1st date? My friend complained he felt embarrassed when a girl turned down her invitation to come to his room for a movie watch since the sitting room she was staying was a general one and lacks basic electronics like tv and dvd player, etc. I told him all female visitors are not the same. Some will accept that while others will object. Thou, depending on circumstances, such offer could paint u in bad light b4 ur the visitor esp on a 1st date. But this my friend's case is both understandable and excusable.

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Your friend was rather too fast.  A decent lady will read a lot of meanings into such invitation.  The best thing would have been to allow her sit in the sitting room since it was her first visit even though he may have good intentions.  Such offer could have come in subsequent visits, when the going has become good.


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