Roc Marciano and DJ Muggs have both been on heavy grinds in their solo career this past year. The two began to tease their joint project, KAOS for a few months and kicked off the campaign with their single, “Shit I’m On” and “White Dirt.” Today, the two come through with their new project in its entirety.

Roc Marciano and DJ Muggs finally unleash their new single, KAOS. Their new project in eleven tracks deep with no features. The project was released earlier today for purchase on Souls Assassins website. However, it will be available everywhere on October 17th.

Roc Marciano and DJ Muggs released their respective solo projects within the past few months. Roc Marciano released Behold A Dark Horse a few weeks ago while DJ Muggs dropped off Dia Del Asesinato in early August.

Buy Roc Marciano & DJ Muggs’ joint project, KAOS through the Souls Assassins website.

Kaos tracklist

1. Kaos Theme
2. Dolph Lundgren
3. White Dirt
4. The E Grain
5. Aunt Bonnie
6. Rolls Royce Rugs
7. Caught A Lick
8. Wild Oats
9. S*** I’m On
10. Wormhole
11. Kaos Outro


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