Rivers Of Blood’ Flows In The Streets Of Dhaka After Eid Animal Sacrifices - Photos

Streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh turned into blood rivers after people used car parks and garages to slaughter animals for Eid.

The blood from the slaughtered livestock, killed by some Muslims to mark Eid al-Adha, or the Feast of Sacrifice, had mixed with the flood water after heavy rains.

During the celebration, goats, sheep or cows are killed to commemorate Prophet Ibrahim's test of faith. The meat is generally shared among family and friend - and with people who cannot afford to 
sacrifice their own animals.

Reports say police in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka had allowed the traditional slaughter to take place in certain designated areas of the city. In Dhaka, people used car parks, garages and alleys to kill the beasts.

The blood then flowed into the flooded streets, turning them into rivers of blood. See more photos below.


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