Rice Farming Business In Nigeria

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Rice Farming Business In Nigeria

The fact that rice is the most consumed food on the planet doesn't call for arguments, based on the research carried out by researchers, the world's is a very large place with different continents, with different people and races, different cultures and tribes, different religions and so on. In the continent of Asia where we have countries like North and South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Thailand and even China, consume alot of rice, and they use it for different delicacies, coming to Africa lots of countries see rice as their number one delicacies in the sense that its more consumed on important occasions. Countries like Nigeria South Africa, Ghana, Senegal consume alot of rice, even countries in Europe and the Americas too consume a lot of rice, hence it was drawn into conclusion by researchers that rice is the most consumed food crop in the world.

It's been discovered that Nigeria spend about N365 Billion on rice per annul, just for rice importation, and this is also subsidized by the government of the Nation, the reason being that in a normal year, more than 5.5 Million tons of rice are being consumed by the citizens, and like i said before more than half of this is are imported into the country, this is the reason the Nigerian government has decided to put more effort to strengthen rice production in the country, which is a bold step, because economically for a good and corrupt free government this is a wise decision. This part of agriculture in the country has often been looked down upon, but the present government in Nigeria has taken great measures to see that rice farming business, rice production, in the country is really uplifted by given it more attention. The government has gone all the way by banning rice importation especially by land borders, although rice is still smuggled into the country, but the fact that it has been banned has uplifted those rice farmers in the country, because government has even partner with the rice farmers for rice farming business in Nigeria.

One of the major concern about this rice farming business in Nigeria is the different amount of rice that is produced in the country and the ones consumed, as a matter of fact the concern is very great, but this is also where the opportunity lies. Have you not asked yourself with all the lands for agriculture, we have farmers that are skillful, how come Nigeria is among the country that imports rice more? The answer is very simple, this is because the opportunity is not being utilized in the country, because the demands for rice is high at all time and so if you decided to go into rice farming business in Nigeria there a lot of profit waiting for you in that sector.

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What I love about rice farming business in Nigeria is its varsity, there are plenty ways one can invest a this lucrative business and this include
* investing in Processing
*Investing in farm
*You could invest to be selling the finished products.

These are just the major ways to invest in this business to let you know how vast the rice farming business in Nigeria is, some people are just afraid of going into this business manually, they are afraid how difficult it is, they think about so many things hence the become discouraged, they are not interested in tilling the ground and planting the rice manually. the important thing about this business is knowing how profitable it is so you can know the different stages of the rice farming business in Nigeria, this article will also give you full knowledge of how profitable the business is and the different stages involved in the rice farming business in Nigeria.

Facilities for rice farming business in Nigeria.

Research has shown that rice can be very productive in any kind of land, this means that the type of land doesn't matter for rice production, but the mostly advised land is swampy land. for this course farmers are advised to get the lands properly irrigated and till it very well to ensure good harvest, because without doing this, proper cultivation becomes a challenge, however there are things that are kept in place to make your land look so much like a swampy land in case you are not opportune to find a swampy land, this only means a little cash would be spent by this farmer, because they would need to make the land look just like a swampy area, but once this is done and the land has been transformed to a swampy land, this is because the rice you will plant do well on irrigated land that is low. because your land has been well tilled with the help of tractor, and then you will enjoy the the production.

Irrigation Channel : once the soil is irrigated it helps the soil to do very well through out that year, this is always advised to people into rice farming business because like I stated before, swampy land is best used for this type of farming because if the land is dry believe me, the rice will not do well at all, so you ask yourself, how do i go about it? well the answer is simple, just get a channel for the irrigation, this will serve you all through the year. I'd also advice you look for a professional, we have a lot of them in the country.

One thing that can hinder or make a rice farming business, is the kind of rice seed planted. The kind of rice seed that is used for a business of this magnitude shouldn't be just any seed, because after the kind of land the which happens to be a very important factor, so I'd say the type of seed is also very important, because this determines the kind of product you want harvest in due time, I'd also say that the cultivation environment should also be a factor whilst choosing your seed, I don't think that using good seed to plant applies just for rice, as a good farmer, it should apply for all farm products. The National Agricultural Seeds Council (NASC), as a body has made it easier for us farmers to get good seeds from any fully registered company that would do well in your environment, because not all environment are friendly to all plants, this is because when pests attack they destroy crops that are vulnerable to their attacks. These are advantages you'd get when you select the right seed.
5% to 20% of improved crop yield.
80% Meliorate crop germination
Resistance to pest and disease attacks will be highly increased.
Weed will be greatly minimized.
Plant size is consistent.

Rice Seedling Nursery : This is often used in commercial farming reason being that a controlled environment that's where seedlings are raised, hence nursery is an environment where seedlings are grown before they are being transplanted. In rice all you need do is follow some simple procedures like preparing of the seedbeds, that is usually done in the nursery, afterwards transparent polythene sheets should be used to cover the soil after the seed is planted. by doing this soil borne disease will be prevented , because the polythene sheet and moisture always maintain a certain temperature that favors this seeds. On no account should the rice seedlings be transferred when its not germinated, only after its germinated should it be transferred to the main farmland. The greatest threat to rice yield are nematodes including some other pathogens from the soil, I mean (disease carrying organisms).

Hauling mill: Rice is always ready to be harvested once its four months, one thing about rice is that it has to go through lots processing for it to appear as the rice we all know, the fact that it takes just four months to be harvested is a massive advantage to farmers , so during processing is where the haul is separated from the grain , so once this is done you have your normal rice, this process is also when the haul is blown off or separated from the grain, this can't be done by an individual, this is when a mill comes into play.

Knowing About It: This is also a key factor, to get knowledge in any thing you do is always key to succeed, in the rice farming business, u don't just need knowledge on how to farm, or how to do rice farming, its very imperative that you have good knowledge on what you are going into, like having good knowledge on the rice farming and the business aspect as well this gives you an edge of just being a farmer, so I'd advice to get knowledge from those who have been in the business for a long time, I think getting knowledge from such people should be really taken seriously, and also there are courses on rice production, getting that kind of knowledge is also key for this kind of business. this kind of knowledge gives you a really good insight to know what you are really going into, to know how to be ready for any issue that may rise when you start the business.

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Managing the soil nutrients and weeds

Make sure as a farmer you take care of your crops by removing weed, this ensures good growth not just for rice crop, but for any crop planted, as a good farmer, your duty is to ensure that your crop isn't taken over by weed, this is because weed can interfere with the nutrient of the soil, thereby affecting the crop, especially when the rice is in transplanting stage, constantly removing the weed, there are methods to remove weeds, by applying herbicides, this can be done at least twice or thrice a before harvesting, apart from weed and applying of herbicides, one can also improve the soil nutrient by applying fertilizers. this should strictly done by professionals, this is because they have more idea and and are more experienced, as a matter of fact they are specialist. they can still help you carry out the tests for the soil, without carrying out this tests you can know the amount of fertilizers needed.

The cost of starting rice farm business

Its true about the saying for every business to start there is capital involved , this is the ability to get anything needed to start a business, one can use capital to get anything to start up a business, it doesn't really mean it must be money, its what is used to to start up a business, it could be inform of goods and services, and not necessarily be money. They have noted that for one to start a rice farming business one must have a large farm land to start such a business, you'd also need machinery to help till the land, this is where tractors comes in, having your tractor isn't bad, but it can also be hired , you'd also need man power. can tell you that this business does not require a certain among to begin with, but its also said that a large amount can help to get a big farm for the rice, what's if you want to have a large rice farm. I always advise people to know the amount of whatever the are going into, its important to know the course of the whole thing before starting up, its also know imperative to know that you don't need a specific amount to start up this business, don't forget that you'd also get to know the amount transportation, storage, purchases, packaging, delivery, basic equipment, operating costs, these are just few of them mentioned. These will help to get a more reliable conclusion to constantly maintain your business. Well in all this, having a good business plan will guide you on your business.

Profitability of rice business in Nigeria

The amount used to start up any business is very important as it plays a very important role in that business that you wanna start up. This is because this will make you make the desired profit depending on the amount you put.need I remind you that the smaller the your profits, don't forget that Nigeria agriculture is growing, the government has put efforts in this sector to make sure this sector is doing well in the country and this has positively impacted rice farming business in Nigeria, so farmers are upping their games to make them be the best in the business, one thing that is real about this business is that its demands is very higher very very higher and its higher than the supply, so its a very lucrative business that people dive into these days, they are several ways to achieve your goals, you can sell the finished product for profit, You can decide to market your products locally or push them out to other countries on export. Just recently, its said the rice farming business is the most profitable business in Nigeria, its vast and there are lots of opportunity that go with this business.

Risks involved in rice farming

There is no business in this world that don't involved risks, let me inform you of the possible risks in rice arming business in Nigeria.
The issue of weed needs to be death with, this is because weed has the ability to to challenge the crops nutrients and this can lead to a very little harvest, so without removing the weed that is what is going to happen, little harvest especially when u set eyes of any weed.

Pests, rodents can attack the crops, if they are not taken care of on time, and especially when its harvest time, so make you harvest and waste no time when its harvest time, to avoid these pests and rodents.

The grains has to be selected manually, although its difficult but its imperative that its done, this is the way to identify healthy grains for planting, failure to do this, bad harvest will occur.
Irrigation must be done even though its expensive.

The advantages of rice farming in Nigeria

There is every possibilities that a farmer can harvest thrice a year, based on the fact that cultivation and harvesting of rice do not stay more than four months, so if you can harvest every four months there should be a large sum of profits.

There are always buyers because of the consumption rate of rice, so once its ready, its also ready to be bought, so no point of looking for advert and publicity for rice.
Government supports rice farming business alot in Nigeria, so this can only tell you that they are alot of machinery and more capital for farmers of rice farming business in Nigeria.

To this note, before going into rice business in Nigeria, one must have alot of information and knowledge about, so the business can be made easy for whoever is planing to embark on it, its a very lucrative business when yo have full knowledge of what you are going into.

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Rice Farming Business Plan in Nigeria

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