In the face of the current wave of revolution in the Arab world, is Ghaddafi and Libya immune to such development?

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Gadafi promised to also join the masses in protesting against the government.
He is not immune, just like the case of Egypt, the protest will soon consume him. His promise to join the protesters and the release of the 110 prisoners is just window dressing of the whole situation. The people are tired of his over 40 yrs of rule with no opposition which made him wedge total control over Libya. The protest will consume him and remember his case is not like Mubarak's case who had allies in ithe international community, he is rather hated by many and they will want to see him ousted by the protesters.,

In case you do not know, the revolution protest has started in Libya.

Bahrain,Yemen,Iran,Libya. Arab world are taking their destiny into their hands.Cameroon,Zimbabwe and few who have overstayed their welcome will be kicked out soon.


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