The user has to reset AOL email password if they are not able to remember the password their account as it is the best option to recover it. The steps that must be followed for recovering the password are:

  • Open the official page of AOL and click on Sign in option
  • Now enter the username of your email account and click on Forgot Password given below.
  • The new page will open where you have to choose how you want to reset AOL password. Click on the recovery phone number and enter the number
  • A code will be received on the phone number provided. You have to enter the code, and then you will be directed to a new page where you have to create a new password.

While creating password make sure to note it down someplace safe and if you found any trouble while executing any of the steps mentioned above then you should call AOL support number. This number stays online at all hours to give their assistance to the customers.


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