A certain company advertised mobile TV on their nokia phones sometime in June 2010 and in their advert they included SS3NI a popular channel. They also said that subscription payment for the free channels would start in March 2011. I personally bought the phone based on the above channel believing that I would be able to view the Channel till march 2010 when I will then pay my subscription. I traveled and came back on the 01November2010 only to switch on my phone and find that the Channel has been removed and replaced with another sports channel. I know they will probably have a clause in their terms and agreements that allows for them to change the channels if they want but I don't think its right for them to use a certain channel to entice us (I know their are others)into buying the phone  and then remove only that channel before even getting to March 2011 without giving us a reason. I personally went to the telecom company and they said that the channels being screened is not their responsibility but that of the satellite TV station and that it is the channels that the Satellite TV station sends that they show. Personally I feel cheated. I want to know what your opinion is about this. Are they right in doing that?

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