What Our Leaders, which includes;The President/s, Governors, Members of the Legislature ( FG and STATE), Ministers, State Commissioners, LGA Chairmen and all other people in positions of authority (at FG, State & LGA Level) Steal Every Four years is enough to develop two countries the size of Nigeria. And when Our President is suppose to be fighting to stop or even reduce corruption, what he is interested in, is to remove the poor masses social welfare (THE OIL SUBSIDY) to make more monies available to be stollen by the same few. I do not know of any other country in the world where an ordinary  State governor will come in to office an average man and leave office in four or eight years a supper-billionaire in Naira and a super-Millionaire in Dollars.

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Removal of subsidy is an illwind that will not blow any good to the poor and suffering masses of the country.  The first time IBB removed subsidy, he floated DFFRI and used it to deceive the masses.  Today GEJ's administration has come again.  It is not what the masses expect from this administration this time.  It is rather unfortunate.

Subsidy removal in Nigeria will bite very hard: true. I suppose one may want to ask how the subsidy is implemented? Without subsidy will the price of petroleum products reflect distance of product delivery (for example) and more importantly, will our refineries be repaired and operable?


It sounds nonsensical Nigeria (or specifically: the Nigerian Government) is concerned with subsidies and has not made any concerted efforts to repair and operate the very facilities which will localize the processes and cost of production. If the truth be plain it is clear that repaying foreign debts acquired through the profligacy of some is what the removal of fuel subsidy is really about and at what cost to the common man.


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