Who invented religion God or man?

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Hello chris,
Your question should have gone like this; How many religion was invented by GOD?
Then we can analyse from here.
which one did God invent and which one did man or satan invent
...Religion was invented by man,all in vain pursuit of Godliness...dats why its got d stains of humanity in it-wars,etc all bcos of religion...
MAN ! God created a faithful way to follow him in the worship. I'm of the opinion that God created man and man invented religion.
God invented it but man practiced it, politicized it and took it to the extreme.
Invent religion?....hmmmm
Religion as you should know is not restricted to christianity. Idol worship is a religion, Islam is a religion as well other world religions. man invented religion but God invented a relationship between him and man, which man later translated into religion.
We have one God with one religion invented by God. Which religion does Jesus christ practiced?


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