Digital Portal is Back & Better, Login www.DigitalPortal2.Club & Grow your Bitcoins

Update: DPC is back the better. The website was down for about a week due to large amount of traffic. Therefore they admins had to upgrade thier server to accomodate more member now they are back and better. PH and GH orders are working perfectly. Hurry and Register today - CLICK HERE to read more and register. #LongLiveDPC.

Hello have you heard of this awesome donation exchange site called Digital Portal Club. This site offers 100% interest in just 8 days. The site has proven to be very successful. It began in December 2017 and the population has grown to over 20k+ member in since then.

Digital Portal Club is very reliable and below are some of the benefits of this awesome community;

Benefits of Digital Portal Club.

1. No need for Proof of Payment – Just Hash Code (This is automatically generated after a successful bitcoin transaction).


2. Transactions are confirmed automatically using Blockchain API, therefore making PH & GH transaction more secure.


3.Members’ investment grows 12.5% daily to a 100% in just 8days


4. DPC rewards participant with a 5% referral bonus


5. Members are permitted to operate multiple accounts


6. When a GH or PH is initiated, The member is paired in 5 minutes or less

Hurry and Register today - CLICK HERE to read more and register.

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