I am a firm believer in a United Nigeria but they way the Northern Elders are going about the defeat of Atiku by Jonathan and the way they are accusing the Northern Governors of betraying the North thereby promoting a Northern Agenda instead of a Nigerian agenda leaves a sour taste in my mouth. It also brings me to this question? Should there be a referendum in this country on the North and South going their separate ways like in Sudan? I want to know your thoughts on the issue.(I am not promoting a divide but just an opinion poll)

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A referendum should be the best thing that will  happen to Nigeria.  I am a firm believe in the oneness of this country, but it appears our Northern brothers consider rulership as their birth right.  That is why they instigate riots each time they lose out.  Should they feel discontented with the unity of this country, then let us go a referendum to decide our future.
who will head the South government if there was separation?dont forget the Warri crisis,Aguleri/Umuleri  will the Yoruba allow Igbo man to rule?will the igbos allow Yoruba or other minorities to rule?where will the capital be located.igbos want Enugu,Yoruba wants Lagos,South south want Calabar or portharcourt.forget Referendum and solve the corruption in our government departments.as for those lunatics crying for Atiku,leave them soon they will be tired and fade out.
Nobody wants seperation but if the north continue in this manner, crying foul each time they loose out, instigating riots that will heat the polity and target killings of southerners then i think the best option is to decide if we want to remain as one by way of referendum


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