Recover your Google account without any information

Recover your Google account without any information!

With Google Account, you get access to multiple Google services like gmail, google maps, google drive, google docs etc but if you have lost access to Google account and even when you don’t have access to any information like you have forgotten your password, even have lost access to primary mail address and you are seeking the answer of how to recover google account without any information, then, to recover your password, you need to go through following ways:

Check if you had saved the password in password manager of your browser and if it had been saved, you can retrieve your password from there.

There are different procedure followed for different browser:

For Chrome, you can go with following procedure:

> Open the Chrome browser.

> On the browser URL, you need to type the chrome://settings/passwords

> Check on the screen whether you had saved your password.

> Alternatively, you can get to the password manager with following steps:

Go to Settings, scroll down to the bottom and you can see the advanced settings.

Click on one of the saved entries.

A Show button appears next to the hidden password. Click on the Show button

and it shows the hidden password.

3. When you are using Mozilla firefox, go through following to recover Google account:

> Go to the Tools/ Options menu.

> Click on the Privacy button.

> Select the Passwords tab.

> Click on View Saved Passwords.

> Click on the Show Passwords button.

4. You can also retrieve your password if you had saved in Microsoft Internet Explorer:

> Open User Accounts.

> In the left pane, you need to click on Manage your credentials.

> Click on the vault which contains the credential which you wish to change.

> Select the credential that you wish to manage

> Make the change that you need to do by clicking on Edit.

> Click on Save.

5. However, if you had not saved your password in any of the mentioned browser, then, the

Next troubleshooting step that you need to follow for recovery is go to Google account recovery page

6. On the account recovery page of Google, you need to enter month and year when you

created the account and then, follow the on -screen instruction and manage your

to retrieve your password.

However, if you cannot retrieve your password with any of the above steps then, you need to contact the customer care to get to recover your account and you are provided all the assistance to recover your account as customer care executives of Google are adept, professional and provide

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