After sacking the loudy justice minister, Mr acting president should  direct

all commercial banks to recall(without any delay) all  staffers who were

unjustificably disengaged btw last December and now particulary those

who had no link whatsoever to the former ogas found wanting by CBN and EFCC.


this will bring succour to many homes and help reduce unemployment in line

with the seven point agenda. Banks can cut salaries instead of this massive, senseless sack

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When you have a company, a time comes when you need to cut down on staff which could be for any reason esp. when your company has too much staff doing the same job a few can. With all the sacks in the banking system are the banks suffering or understaffed? It is a shame that most bankers cannot pick up the pieces; and a lesson to those currently in the system. The salary on the job is too little compared to the risk and sacrifise but most bankers are so confortable with it, they throw away all other means of livelyhood. There is no need to hide behind the phrase "massive, senseless sack" It was massive because the industry is very massive and it is not senseless.
Nice Post......


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