A woman is being given to a man for many reasons. Some men have never wondered why a woman is given to them to take care of. When a woman is given unto a man to be her husband, the man is meant to protect the woman, defend the woman and not to turn her into a housemaid or a punch back.

Most men are so foolish to the extent that they see their wives as the morning exercise. At the beginning of the day, they will use her as an exercise and at the end of the day, they will still punch her in the night for not providing the night meal. Of a truth, there are many reasons why every man who raises his hands on a woman, whether your wife or your sister.

Now, Let us tell You much Reason Why A Man Should Not Beat Their Wives.

There are many reasons why a man should not beat their wives or even raise their hands on them for any reason but we will tell you guys some reasons we've experienced from some couples.

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This is a nice post.. But on the other hand, the women have a part to play in not getting their husbands angry.. www.johnakweh.blogspot.com

yep... You are right, a woman have her role to play too

see them here as well>>>> https://www.ebimnageniusland.com/2017/11/how-to-make-a-man-happy.html



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