Those who came to introduce this uncivilised and completely out of WITS, same sex marriege LAW,in Nigeria, came too late! they should have come, fifty one(51) years ago, who knows? they might some luck.They should remember to teach by example, so let  them start their same sex marriege from their end and allow us to do our accessment. In Nigeria we are always ONE especially if it is do ALLAH( GOD), MONEY & SPORTS. So let them go back home with their LAW and AID . Simply the gift of TROJAN HORSE, they brought is not and will always not be accepted in Nigeria, in-sha-Allah.

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My brother, the so-called civilized world can be funny at times.  They are now tying the aid they send to us to fight the scourge of AIDS, which they also caused by their immoral lives, to our acceptance of homosexuality as a way of life.  Well Nigeria does not need that.  God originally did not create to man each other.  The west can go to hell with their greek gift.


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