I wish to refer to the subject matter above based on the primary elections close-by, and to further your allegiance in view of Chief James Onanefe Ibori.

Permit me to state a claim: The political prowess of this actor showcases that democracy is determined by strong power of speech and documentation. He invokes Nigeria federalism from the grave with the doctrine of resources control as to boosting the political economy structure. The term, restructuring, is a synonymous appraisal of this learned hero.

More so, the 13% derivation endowed the states is his handiwork. This achievement is highly appreciated considering the fact that he contended their issue with the Presidency in same political party (PDP) platform. He never shyed away from the dictates and realities of democracy.

Enough respect, to you, the Distinguished!!!. My argument lies in the fact that Ethiope East Constituency has been experiencing a yawning gap from 2019 till date.

This is due to the tactless, taciturn and warped code of enlightenment of its representative. A massive protect or revolution is supposed to be projected, but pardoned for his limited size of professional learning and lacklustre performance.

However, I am paradoxically inspired by the challenging flawed representative of our Constituency. This behoves PDP, an elite party, to run a congrous examination of events to check any form of replay of history the umpteenth time. By this calculation, the varied personal viewing for the House of Assembly must be dialectically examined within the purview of the radicalism and rascalism.

To be informed, a radical is proficient articulated organised and prospective, while the rascal is the exact opposite. All the contending actors have assumed major offices prior. The question is, what is the level of contribution then and thereafter? From the standpoint of Chief James Onanefe Ibori, any representative must be able to pinpoint projects ranging from the primordial (home) base and beyond if S|he attends to launch unto the next level. This brings to mind our Old Mother Chairman, who hails from Korori.

Beyond literal political identity, which institutional project can she sample to justify her stay in office and the quest for House of Assembly membership? To be precise, the era of the aged and mediocre mentality which generate street-fight is over because the House of Assembly may be reduced to a wrestling bout.

We have to be mindful. The younger, the better! This make relevance the special consideration for the engagement of Olorogun Barr Arthur Akpowowo and Hon (Mrs) Erhiatake Ibori Suenu in the House of Assembly and House of Representatives respectively in view of negotiation.

Beyond sound academics, record of projects at home and by extension abound. Bountiful political research capacity and discursive synergy reside in them. The meeting of the two some week back tends towards resolving the conflict set in Erhoike-Kokori in view of the oil calculus.

Both have had definite consummated discourse and are operating in a familiar terrain c** ideological pursuit that thus marks the formatted Ethiopian development from the local to national as means of checking related regression. This is the followership of the Iborian thesis-resource control regime.

Among numerous others, as far as Ethiope East Constituency is concerned I am appealing with unbiased respect to grant Olorogun Barr Arthur Akpowowo the grace and petition to exploit his vast intelligence, available human and material resources to warding off the associated tears of the outstanding regime.

With your effort in this regard, abounding celebration is in the waiting. We all appreciate your concerted concern and pursuit of necessary action, please.

God bless.

Edo, Uvie Tobore

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