Re:proposed new curriculum( my opinion) to the government and people of Kano state.

 I humbly wish to call the attention of our state Governor, HIS EXCELLENCY, ENGR. DR. RABIU MUSA KWANKWASO and the state house of assembly on this new development that is the new proposed curriculum . Firstly it is against our religious doctrine, because our religion is our way of life!. and in Islam ignorance of any kind is not an excuse so we must learn and study our religion. Every individual is obliged to read, every parents is mandated to teach their wards or send them to schools where they will be taught the religious knowledge. Your excellency Sir! and the distinguished honourable members ,the Federal government is to be made to understand that it has no moral right to impose on us how to live nor how to learn especially in religious education,period!. We the Hausa/Fulani Muslims have a diffrent system of education, for example every muslim child starts from Koranic school/Islamiyya as Pre-nursary then primary school. Sir please stand firm as you always do to resist this negative intrution into our lives! IRK, HAUSA, & ARABIC LANGUEGES  must remain in our curriculum,my best regards to all our honorable members. I wish you Good luck. Garba Musa Allo, Kano,Nigeria.

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