What better ways to send a message to the nation and the world that Mr Acting President means business. It is a well documented fact that the
average Nigeria is never time conscious and that account to the fact that time
management is a big challenge in the country.

Lets start from the situation in our tertiary institutions. A student gets admitted into the higher institution for a four year degree
program, but ends up spending whooping eight years for no good reason at all.
The managers of the ivory towers seems to have lost their sense of time
management. How do you expect that same student after graduation to be mindful
of time. As if that is not enough, he was made to waits another year or more
for the national service call-up, because the managers of the NYSC program do
not recognize that time is precious.

I think that time is ripe for people in governance in our nation to begin to do things right. If our dear Acting President would start the ball
rolling, it behooves on the National Assembly to enact a law that would
strengthen time management in Nigeria. Such laws would make it a criminal
offense punishable by law for any public official to come late to any public
function. With such laws, we could also tame the recklessness of our
contractors who do not keep to time in handling publicly funded projects
leading to wastefulness of our resources; make it mandatory for
Universities/Colleges to graduate students on time, and stop wasting the time
and energy of our youth.

Finally, I would say kudos to our dear Acting President for taking this bold step to make a difference. I hereby urge the Minister for
Information, Prof Dora Akunyili, to rise up to the occasion and sharpen her
re-brand Nigeria project to include effective time management programs in our
schools and national consciousness.

We need world to know that Nigeria means business...NOW!!!!


God bless Nigeria.


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