I wish to humbly refer to the above subject matter held January 2nd, 2021 that entirely dwells on Eku Baptist Government Hospital and note appreciation of your kind gesture c** related audience. On the other side, Ekoh Foundation is also applauded for the democratic forum created for general assessment of viewpoints without any form of limitation plus the buoyant entertainment.

Apparently, Ekoh Foundation proposal is hinged on severing ownership of Eku Baptist Government Hospital from the State. Before dwelling on the proposal, it is proper to examine the different phases the Hospital has tred:
First, the missionaries were in charge under the Southern Baptist Convention of the United States of America (USA).

Second was the Nigerian Baptist Convention with the change of name to Baptist Medical Centre.
Third, Eku Community followed with the foundational name Eku Baptist Hospital.

The fourth and outstanding is the Delta State Government.

Without missing words, Ekoh Foundation is attempting a launch unto the fifth phase. This becomes the prevailing issue.

The three commanding indices of Ekoh Foundation are non-profit, humanitarian and global that constitute formidable impression. However certain issues need to be examined in respect of this institutional quests of severance and renaming.

In course of the introduction of the Ekoh Foundation, the spokesman appraised the number of human resources home and away without touching on year of origin, level of investment in the meantime to justify their capability and institutional baseline. Beyond the normative, all this reduces the proposal to speculative assumption.

From all indications, Ekoh Foundation (EF) is treading in an unfamiliar terrain and needs to be tutored. The fourth phase under Eku Community Board of Trustee was highly flawed until the advent of the State Government intervention of Dr. Uduaghan Emmanuel regime that resolved the outstanding financial crisis.

One is bound to query into the whereabouts of Ekoh Foundation (EF) at that given time. The State never assumed absolute ownership but for the sake mutual relations tagged a historic tripartite configuration of Eku, Baptist and Government. More so, the highest governing body of the Hospital, Hospital Management Committee (HMC) is represented by so named.

In this regard, Eku community representative becomes a medium of Eku express in any concern.

Invariably, the scope of Ekoh Foundation (EF) quest for intervention is limited to the Hospital without laying emphasis on the other segments-School of Nursing and Primary/ Secondary schools.

This code of narrow gauging is problematic and will generate further problems in the nearest future, and thus marking a replay of flawed history.

Closely related is the questions of ownership. Permit me to inform Ekoh Foundation (EF) that the Hospital ceases to be Eku Community following the transfer of ownership and edict of 2009.

We quite remember that the symbolic key of power was formally handed over to the Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan by the wife, Mrs Betty Edewor, of Chief James Ogboko Edewor in the foremost congregation of Eku Community and Delta State Government. Precisely put, the code of agreement is categorically documented in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Be that as it May, the ‘badness’ of the Hospital is evident, but an organised and structured measure of intercession is highly preferred.

One is reminded of the Pentecostal rendition of Rev. Eboh Akpotor in course of the thanksgiving service of Barr. Arthur Akpowowo, Honourable Commissioner for Urban Renewal in First Baptist Church, Eku. Right from the pulpit, the Minister engaged the State audience comprising the Governor, Dr. Arthur Okowa and top elite of the three arms of government in dialectical excursion of the flawed state of the Hospital.

In an ardent response, the Governor promised to address the situation.

Considering the touchy exposition, two days later the erring Medical Directors of Eku Baptist Government Hospital and Central Hospital Agbor were relegated and transferred to remote institutions.

This measure yielded bountiful dividends and related developments.
To further this argument.

I would rather Ekoh Foundation (EF) understood that it is hightime Eku developed beyond the borders of health.

The recurrent emphasis of Eku Community and Diaspora on the particular perspective displays limited code of developmental thinking.

To pursue this logic for a better analysis, two distinct case studies will be cited.

The first one is the Shepherd-Care International located in Eku and being managed by a distinguished Reverend Gentleman, Richard Obarorakpor. Though an expert in theology, the institution is not limited to religious business but a conglomerate of schools, agricultural services, orphanage, provision of social welfare to the old and widows, sizeable number of employees and very importantly, rendering of scholarship to students ranging from primary to tertiary both in secular and theology.

This is a definite framework of an encompassing development.

A close compare is the Fernung Enterprise in Samagidi. This entrepreneur has successfully translated the aforementioned rural area to the urban via the agro-economies coupled with employment across board.

Besides Abraka in Ethiope East Local Government Area, the only other bank is the handiwork of this actor.

We must not forget the associated tension following the closure of the bank in the Endsars dispensation.

Having examined two distinct samples, it is relevant to note the two basic claims of Ekoh Foundation (EF) in course of its vision presentation - They are ‘non-profit and renaming of the Hospital’.

In the first place, a non-profit institution does not severe power of State ownership, this renders the non-profit view a normative statement, and by extension, paradoxical. Though verbal, the question of severance is an assault on the State edict and amounts to proxy dogma of a boardroom coup. Joke aside. The issue of renaming is equally problematic.

This is a bias of non-profit emphasis and could be compared to a sponsor that awards scholarship and orders a change of surname to his or hers. Tentatively, Ekoh Foundation (EF) has no foundational means or locus standee that define the assumed intervention; two, no matter the size of ones expertise in building construction it is impossible to start off from the roofing; three, the Hospital was not handed over by Eku Community to the State on periodic calculation. Therefore, it is no longer a property of the community, and adoption of strategy should be sequentially and properly ordered according to the dictates of bureaucracy.

To round off, I wish to crave your indulgence as the Ugben-Eko of the Ogwa-in -Council and Acting President General of Eku Progress Union to kindly exploit your good offices in the following concerns with due information to Ekoh Foundation.

One, it is onus upon Eku as a community and related institution as Ekoh Foundation to appreciate the State Government for the timely intervention in its own cause.

Two, the ownership of the Hospital is statutory and not conditional.
The quest for severance is, therefore, a break into State power.

Three, the community is entitled to a permanent representative in the Hospital Management Committee (HMC) and constitutes a veritable medium of Eku expression within and without.

Four, partnership is the ultimate alternative, which is obtainable in Private Public Partnership (PPP).

By this arrangement, Ekoh Foundation (EF) reserves the right to contribute its available human and material resources in any related department of the Hospital, a good example is Edo University, Iyamu, in Edo State. This is supportive mechanism, anything short of that amounts to institutional and ideological aberration.

Five, the logic of Shepherd-Care International, and Fernung Enterprise should be pursued to the latter.

This means developing Eku Community beyond the frontiers of health.

Six, this is the regime of global capitalism characterized by competition between investors in the public and private sectors. On that ground, Ekoh Foundation (EF) can start off from a small point of view and develop into the mainstream by securing viable space for a large size health institution.

Quite appreciate your consideration and onward transmission to the appropriate.

Enough respect and my due regards, please.
Yours sincerely,


No. 26, Ikromoku Street, 

Eku, Ethiope East LGA of Delta State, 



*Chief Edewor Bernard
*Olorogun (Barr.) Akpowowo Arthur JP. 
*Prof. Okuyade Ogaga
*Prof. Ofuoku Albert
*Rev. Obararakpor Richard
*Rev. Unuse Daniel
*Rev. Eboh Akpotor
*Rev. Ebireri Gabriel
*Sir Aghwadoma Victor
*Chief Igboru, *Omo-Okaorho
*Barr. Agiri Ese
*Hon. Eboh Collins
*Hon. Onoghwegbe
*Ekoh Foundation

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