The former military leader, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida has the right to run for any elective post in this country like any bonafide citizen of Nigeria. It is left for Nigerians to decide. In my opinion, i cant in particular point out any regime after the Babangida administration that have touched the lives of ordinary or common man in this country. So who is actually better than who among the contestants. To me Babangida's case is even better since his leadership was under the millitary and he cant repeat what he did then. Its unfortunate though, that the only option is still a deadly one. I pray one day, Nigeria will be delivered from this political saganand rotation of past leaders

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I will not vote for a notorious thief to be my pastor or community leader, BUT only if i know that he is a thief. my fear is though i may not vote for a thief some people may vote for the same thief that i refused to vote for because of reason best known to them. and this is democracy and such peoplel may constitute the majority and eventually, the notorious thief may be sworn in much against our will. one of the best way out is prayers by faith and act according to our God given ability. thanks and cheeers.

Ukari C.Obene said:
Will you vote for a notorious thief to be your pastor or community leader? We know IBB is a Nigerian citizen,but he is not a credible candidate.He is not qualified to be Nigeria's President.
Nigeria is not a country, rather she is a disease that is beyond any cure. It's incredible to see ppl falling against each other supporting a rogue (IBB). You are all brainless fools!
I even pity all of us for making this a topic for discussion... This is complete waste of time.

But let me Just take a look at our polity, since 1957, the same set of individuals and cabal have taken this country hostage in the name of governance. We all all it takes to be great, and refuse impositions. What else do we need that we have been asking for from these people as individuals and community and society at large what. very simple - GOOD LIFE (FOOD, HOUSE and CLOTHS) which they are and have not been able to provide since 1957. With what Nigeria Have, none of these things are far fetched. They should remember that at God or allah will not take bribe at Heaven, if that is their plans.

"IBB", "Goodluck" to you for your plan. I remembered when u first left power, U told us u were stepping aside. maybe many people have forgotten that. please remind them again.

What will be must be.

Let Keep praying Nigerians

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