Finally the much awaited 2016 Redeemed Christian Church of God Holy Ghost Congress date, time and venue have been released. As usual, this holy ghost powered programme, has been the a librartor to many who have been oppressed in different forms. Some time ago i made a call across to a member of the Redeemed Christian Church Of God regarding the date, time and venue scheduled for the 2016 RCCG Holy Ghost Congress. And he told me that soon Pastor E.A Adeboye the General Overseer of RCCG will be giving a broadcast on that. And shortly as you read on, you will get to read his broadcast on the 2016 RCCG Holy Ghost Congress.

For those who will be participating, please ensure you read this publication so that you could know exactly what and what is expected of you. rccg-holy-ghost-2016

The theme this years 2016 RCCG Holy Ghost Congress, is "Complete Restoration", is here again glory be to God. According to a reliable source, the Redemption camp will open from on the 5th -10th December, 2016.

The first three days of the programme which will be from on the Monday-Wednesday will be at the Auditorium and that of Thursday through Saturday will be at Shimawa venue ground. For those who may not be able to particpate due to one reason or the other, can watch the programme from various veiwing centres around the World.

Below are the words of the The General Overseer regarding the Redeemed Christian Church Of God Holy Ghost Congress 2016.

"We thank the Almighty God for sparing our lives to see another Holy Ghost Congress, another opportunity to celebrate Jesus – the Calmer of Storms and the Great Restorer. I thank God for preserving your life and for making it possible for you to be part of this congress.
The Lord will reward your faith and your expectations shall not be cut short in Jesus’ name!

When God restores, what He gives back is always more than what is lost. When He speaks of Complete Restoration, it is far greater than what has been lost. And Hos word is Yeah and Amen! Your complete restoration is a settled matter. You are about to take back all that you have ever lost and more.

But you have your own part to play. The Congress is a celebration of Jesus. It is a celebration, and yet, a serious affair. It is not a time for idle chatter or aimless roaming around the auditorium. It is a time to worship the Lord intensely, pay attention to His word, seek His face and pray with thanksgiving and a genuinely repentant and expectant heart.
There will be time for personal petitions and intercessions for families, the body of Christ and the nations. Seize the opportunity of these six days of the congress to cry out unto the Lord. He assures us of speedy answers.

The morning, afternoon and evening sessions are specially designed for you. Check the daily events sections for the details. It is a complete restoration. Divinely inspired messages await you at all the sessions. You shall not miss your blessings as you give God full attention at this Congress in Jesus’ name.

It give me great joy to welcome you to this 19th edition of the Holy Ghost Congress.
Welcome to the Congress of Complete Restoration"

Pastor E.A Adeboye
General Overseer, the RCCG

Pastor E.A.Adeboye and other great anointed Ministers of God will be ministering.or me, i will be there live to catch all the events.

The RCCG Holy Ghost 2016 will be an eye catching one... I don't think there should be anyone who should miss it for any reason. If you cant come, you can watch live via satellites or at the local church outlets.
Source >>> RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2016

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