Rape is a terrible crime against women. Some are lured. Some are drugged. Some are forced. It is more painful when it is done repeatedly. The stories of sex slaves the Congo and Liberia make us ask "Are these men or animals?". OBJ wrote a book the "Animal called Man". Some are so wasted that they wake up in the morning they bath, eat and get raped, the afternoon the show continues. Some even lost count of the men who used them. Some got used to the life and were never the same. Some died and others have completely lost their minds. It more terrible when the woman is so brainwashed into thinking that rape is the only way to have sex.

A true story is told of a woman at mental home who believed that her husband must beat her black and blue before they can have sex.

This is the Nigerian story. Some leaders lured us. Some drugged us. Some forced us. They do it again and again. GEJ is luring us with TV ADs which cost millions of Naira. Nollywood big stars endorse him. These politicians not only know what to do to get girls into beds in cozy hotels in Abuja but they know how to lure a nation into its grave. They give N200 to a person worth at least N200,000 to secure his vote and they pocket the change. We were so drugged that our President was so sick last year and the whole country was kept in bondage. We seemed to forget that the US President gets treated in US. The Saudi leader gets treated in his country. We woke up and took to the streets. We took the rapists by the throat. But the man we fought for was not the victim but was also part of the plan. They use religion and ethnicity to divide us - yet nobody talks about Fashola's religion.

Then comes Buhari - he had never had sex with her. He could not think of hurting her after Shagari left her wasted and in debt. His crime was that he was not romantic and 'tough'. IBB comes along with his gap-tooth smiles and she falls for him. I don't think any leader wasted her like IBB. He had his way because he constantly drugged her with his 'maradona' charisma. 1993 ended that romance because she refused to take all tablets but one - the interim government.

Now she has 4 major suitors - and she is confused. Her clothes are bloodied from the atrocities of the previous governments. GEJ wants her because they have actually dated for about 11 months. Yet he wants to please everybody. He says he would bring people whom bombed to justice yet no one is prison. His children were not bombed those attacks nor was his property affected. People say he is sincere but it is certain his friends and supporters want what is between her thighs. Does he truly love her? Would he place her above personal interest? I doubt it very much.

This bible verse aptly describes the Nigerian nation. "Don't be surprised if the poor of your country are abused, and injustice takes the place of justice. After all, the lower officials must do what the higher ones order them to do." (Ecclesiastes 5:8 CEV).

Ribadu is a young guy. Actually they are almost age mates. She just a month older. He has shown some resolve in times past but his inexperience and alliance with certain people may reduce her chances of reaching her potential. The motives of this man called Tinubu are highly questionable.

Shekaru is an orator and intelligent just like IBB. Does he have the moral courage to do the right thing. Does he have another agenda? Nigeria needs someone she can trust not someone she can admire. Many a lady have made this mistake over and over again.

Then comes Buhari. She says ALL men are the same. They just want my honeypot. They could take it by force or by 'fake'. Buhari would Islamize me - yet his driver and cook are Christians. He is not romantic or charismatic. But he does not want to hurt her. He also wants to ensure she is confident and knowledgeable - bold to confront any rapist and demand her rights. Like Fashola he wants to raise the standards of governance.

But she lies confused in a pool of her blood. Too dizzy to think straight. Too drunk to stand what is rightfully hers. Too scared to make a choice. Raise up O mighty One. You have to choose between a 4-year mistake and 4-year miracle. Buhari is not perfect but he wants to show you some love. He needs you to help him help you.

The General weeps because you are already carried away with TV Ads and a N1000. The General weeps because you think the enemy is your friend and your friend is your enemy. The General weeps because you are about be subject to a 4-year experiment- you may not come out the lab alive. The General weeps because this maybe your last chance to erase your past. The General weeps because the vultures are hovering over you. The General weeps because your potential is greater than your past. The General weeps because he has put together a team of Nigerian specialists would energize her and make her reach her goals.

Wipe your tears, General. We will go to the polling booth on Saturday 16th. It may be far but we will travel there. It may be long but we will wait. We will do our best and leave the rest to God. We will buy our future with our votes but we will never allow our votes to be bought. We persuade men to open their eyes. We will see a new Nigeria. A New Hope. A New Beginning. God bless Nigeria!


Please pardon my errors - if there are any - I am a little drowsy. I could not afford to procrastinate on this.

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The general has lost, he should stop weeping and call his butchers to order. What kind of relationship does he want from her now when in order to taste her honey pot he murdered her legitimate democratic wedded husband in 1983.

A faithfull and trustworthy husband will not dislike the children of his bride to be from another man to the extent that even before the marriage is contracted he careless if they die. He will not ask his own children to ''lynch'' the children of his bride to be if they oppose his marriage contract with their mother.

The general should know that tasting the honeypot is by consent and not by force, taking it by force is tatamount to brutal rape. He should know both his children and those of his planned bride all have one mother, NIGERIA, and she wishes that all her children should be loved and cared for, and nobody not even the general should dare kill any of her children because of the honeypot.

The general and his butchers have only one intention, to brutally rape the bride and leave her children jeopardized, broken, lost and in fear, NIGERIA, their mother does not want that.
how much did the general pay you to come here and write this nonsense? I gues it is 20 naira. Rubbish.
Don't worry,history wil judge the writer.

curia frost said:
how much did the general pay you to come here and write this nonsense? I gues it is 20 naira. Rubbish.


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