Quick tips to writing final year projects chapter two (2)

The chapter two of undergraduates’ final year projects portrays the limelight of the research. Aside being detailed, the chapters two of final year projects are usually the most voluminous, having the very remarkable face of a research paper including several citations of ideas, opinions and studies from previous and related research.

Undergraduates final year projects chapter two (2) is often captioned ‘Review of Literature’. It has other sub-captions under it which includes review of concepts, review of opinion, review of studies and theoretical framework. These sub-divisions also have other factions of discussions under it.

Writing final year projects chapter two

Review of concepts

The chapters two of final year projects start with the review of concepts.  The concepts reviewed issue or sub topics that are relevant to the project topic under research.  The researcher has to start by defining some concepts, bringing several definitions by other scholars into bear. Still under this section, the researcher is obligated to discuss other issues as it relates to the project topic in view.

Review of Opinion  

Under this figure, the review of opinion harbors the various opinions which other researchers hold on issues relating to the project topics in view. Doing this, you the researcher must be careful to duly acknowledge every author with year of publication, name of author and the page number in some cases.

Here is a working technique; raise a view point, cite what one, two or three scholars have said about the issue raised; backup your opinion and establish the significance of such issue to a section of the society that it may affect.

Review of studies

In this section of final year projects chapter two, it is required that researches done either published or unpublished should be presented. This time, the researcher has to review the related research or one that was done on similar project topic.

You will state the project topic and give a full citation of the research work and then go ahead to state the objectives of that research, the research methods that were applied, what the research findings were and the conclusions drawn from the research.

Atleast two to three researched should be reviewed under this section. To conclude each figure, you have to present a considerable significance which the each of these researches has on the project current research.

Theoretical Framework

The theories that support your final year projects topic will be required at this point. Atleast two to three research theories will be required to drive the research home. It is also important to state that you have the significance of these theories inputed in your research.

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