For weeks on, the fire of hate in Jos, Plateau State has raged on. What many said started from a mere arguement over a property has snowballed into  state-wide mayhem of no small proportion. Unconfirmed figures had put the death toll at above a thousand while the once peaceful Jos, a just city regarded as the home of all has been deserted. Not even a dusk to down curfew, nor deployment of  troops by the Army, nor presence of hundreds of heavily armed policemen had been able to quench the fire of hate and fatal anger.

What has gone wrong? Could it be the rumble of  ethnic bad blood, a religious  uprising or total collapse of governance in Nigeria’s Plateau? Why has peace plateaued in Plateau State?

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We should learn to anticipate the problem in Jos and other areas of Nigeria, where the indigenes are being displaced and marginalized by their neighbours, conglomerates and federal institutions.
The Land Use Decree should be amended to allow indigenes to always own their land, which may then be given out only on lease to migrants and private companies.
Moreover, the positions of Mayor, Local Government Chairman, or Minister of FCT; Senator; and Governor should be reserved for the indigenes. This suggestion is a necessary condition to forestalling the swamping of the so-called minorities by the major ethnic groups.
The problem of Jos is not bad governance. It is more of ethnic bad blood. But we have refused to tell ourselves the truth. The moslems want to instal an Emir in Jos, while the natives, who are mainly Christains and who regard the moslems as settlers are bluntly refusing that move as that would amount to Islamizing the state. That is the crux of the matter but no body has been bold enough to call a spade a spade.
Please, we need more Muslims like you in Nigeria. Help spread this message amongst your fellow Muslims in order to isolate violence from the Muslim religion. As a matter of fact, I grew up thinking that Muslim is all about holy wars, Jihad, extremism and the likes of that. Your post is a reflection of a true and sincere Muslim. I am not a Muslim, but I believe your position, because I do not think any religion will preach violence, destruction and murder of fellow earthlings. It must have been a wrong teaching or interpretation from some unworthy scholars.

All. What happened in Jos was mere political not religious but other who have hated other ethnic groups took it as an opportunity to avenge the hatred on Christians, let me tell u all, am not a Christian, I am a muslim but Islam does not teaches violence, it teaches PEACE. Because most of this Hausa people don't understand the word 'ISLAM'. Even during the time of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW), He entered into a treaty with his enemies in city of Makkah for years, during this time people entered into islam without forceful. I wondered where these bad people call themselves muslim received their own injunctions from, i can authoritatively say that it is not from the Holy Quran. They are just doing what is not in the Holy Quran. Prophet said (SAW), i left for behind the Holy Quran and my Sunnah so that you will be guided in whatever you are doing and fear the Almighy Allah, whoever follow the path shall not perish.


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