Quavo Compares Making Hit Records To Fishing In New Interview

Quavo Compares Making Hit Records To Fishing In New Interview

In a recent interview with XXL, for the publication’s Winter season 2018 cover story, Quavo took things out on water as he conducted business while flexing his fishing skills.

According to Huncho, the skill is one he picked through lessons with his mother’s boyfriend, he was younger and it’s clearly one which he’s come to master among other things. In the video, Quavo highlights fishing as a relaxing past time that he picked up while growing up in Athens, Georgia where lakes and fish ponds are abundant.

It absolutely was while fishing on the dock behind a Miami home that Quavo schooled all of us on the key to fishing, comparing the activity to the same process of making hit records

“It’s kind of like making a hit song when you fishing, ” Quavo tells XXL. “You don’t know what’s in the water. You come out with something big: That’s a No. 1 record [… ] You come out with something small—records that keep your head bobbing, people f*** with it, it might creep Top 10, Top 20—we throw it back. But this No. 1 you keep, you hang your plaque on the wall, skin it, filet it, eat with the gang and you back to fishing again. ”

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