A scholar once said that "the greatest happiness of the greatest number of people is the sole purpose of government" whereas Abraham Lincoln defined democracy as the govt of the people by the people and for the people.
The above suggest that in any nation of the world,there will always be the ruled and the ruler with the RULED being the majority. Decisions are made on a daily basis by individuals on how to meet ends whereas everybody can't make decisions for the state hence some elected/selected few does this for the entire people.
People surrendered some of their rights to their rulers and not all and the RULERS act on the people in conformity with their interests. The purpose of government thus includes among others:
Protection of citizens from internal crisis and external aggression.
Provision of basic socia amenities to enhance the lives of the citizenry.
Provision of educational facilities to aids continuos production so as to guard against extinction.
Guarantee of security of lives and properties.
Respect for human rights .
Guard against destitution and inhuman treatment.
Planning of the economy to realise a healthy living for the citizenry amongst others.
The laws to be made by government must respect the wishes of the citizenry.....is this obtainable in nigeria? To be continued.

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You are on the right track, but I reserve my comments until you finish the article.


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