There so many people that have lost interest in the business, and at the same time they lost a huge amount of money on the process and l will tell you there some set of people too that are enjoying the business till today, all depends on the way you take the business, l will tell you 80% of those that are successful in the business started on the right platform, they see good hand that started the business for them and 98% of those that failed in the business started wrongly all because bad hands.

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You are right but I think success or failure in business also depends on the size of the market,product acceptability and managerial ability. Managerial ability includes both human and material resources. Pure/table water business is good but it has a marginal profit. However I think table water business is more preferred to sachet water business because the former has more profit margin than the later.

To do this, you need blank w9 documents and after that I can advise you to bring your business idea to life


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