Mobil’s Sponsoring and Manipulation of CBN, EFCC and the Judiciary and Jeopardizing of Intellectual Property Rights in Nigeria

What is wrong with blacks? We have celebrated Inventors all over the world, why can’t we be proud of ours? Millions of Nigerians waited in vain for the Inventor to receive a national award. But alas, the corrupt and filthy ones stole the show.

With the exception of Hong Kong, no country has developed ts industrial base without prior infant industry protection; The United States was the motherland of infant industry protection not only at the intellectual level but also in actual fact.

Despite the fact that the Industrial Revolution contributed to the rapid industrialization of Great Britain, its industrial sector benefited from trade protection and other forms of government intervention in the trade flow through the Navigation Act and by means of political power and even military power. It is true that inventions and innovations during the Industrial Revolution were main contributing factors to the process of acceleration of the industrial development of Great Britain (Craft, 1995)

Inventors are celebrated and rewarded by royalties in many countries around the globe. These have benefited the citizens and the economy of their countries. Bill Gates invented Microsoft software, Karlheinz invented the MP3 technology, Melitta Bentz invented the coffee filter, Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen invented the X-rays, Rudulf Deisel invented the Combustion Engine, Levi Strauss invented the Jeans, Rudolf Hell invented the Scanner, Albert Einstein invented the Theory of Relativity, Manfred von Ardenne invented the Television, Gottlieb  Daimler invented Automobile and Internal Combustion Engine,  Konrad Zuse invented the greatest invention of all time, the Computer.

We have an inventor we can be proud of in Nigeria. Professor Clement Uwemedimo invented the Anti-Corrosive Special Paint, the enabling chemical that allows offshore oil exploration without corrosion of facilities due to effects of salt. This invention has indeed made Nigeria what it is today while oil multi nationals such as Exxon Mobil and many others smile to the bank.

What happened prior to and after the illegal arrest and humiliation of the African inventor Professor Clement Uwemedimo by EFCC is saddening and hard to elucidate. He was arrested and locked up for forty days and forty nights, from May 3rd to June 13, he was abused and humiliated for no cogent reason but to fulfill the plan of the grand puppeteer.

Mobil Bribed EFCC (Ibrahim Lamorde, Olaolu Adegbite, Paul Okoli, Patricia Eteh,)

In a case of the hunter being hunted, no thanks to the grand puppeteer pulling the strings with our exploited resource. EFCC had been petitioned by Professor Clement Uwemedimo, to look into the criminal actions of Mobil Producing Nigeria Limited on the infringement of his Patented Invention, it isn’t hard to guess or ascertain why the petitioner Professor Clement Uwemedimo ended up in EFCC cell. Money exchanged hands.

EFCC boss Lamorde, Ben Obi EFCC lawyer, Olaolu Adegbite, the IPO of EFCC Paul Okoli and Patricia Eteh took bribes from Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited carrying the Central Bank of Nigeria along as they hatched a plan to put the Inventor behind bars and kill him afterwards.

The plotting and manipulation of Government Institutions by Mobil is alarming. Corruption has eaten too deep into the fabric of Nigeria that leaders of delicate Government Institutions have forgotten anything about due process, integrity and true service to the people.

In a battle over intellectual property right, Comandclem Nigeria limited (Plaintiff) the certified inventor of the Anti-Corrosive Special Paint has endured a lot in the hands of Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited (Defendant) the infringing party.

Mobil deliberately infringed on the patent and has defied court orders, bribed judges and manipulated Government Institutions in order to wrest the patent from the certified owner after the offer of 2 Billion Dollars purchase of the Patent was rejected by Professor Clement Uwemedimo, the Director of Comandclem Nigeria Limited and certified owner of the Anti-Corrosive Special Paint.

The Anti-Corrosive special paint is the one and only chemical used by Mobil to coat their oil exploration facilities around the world. Mobil producing’s success in Nigeria today can be attributed to the Anti-Corrosive paints efficiency in tackling their problem. Salt content of the sea had being a torn in their flesh as their helicopters and other facilities rust away. Instead of rewarding the inventor for this wonderful product, Mobil bypassed him, reneged on their promise, infringed on the patent and showed off who they really are, a Thief. As if milking our country dry is not enough. Drilling and carting away our resources without measure. Drilling more than 3 million barrels of petroleum products per day, in 1999, Mobil reported just 700,000 barrels. This on itself is a criminal act. Contempt is not a word in their dictionary. Having infringed on the patent of Comandclem Nig Ltd by mass producing the invention without license and selling to other oil servicing companies, in a fierce battle at different courts over a decade, they want to rob us of our right.

In their quest to wrest the Patent from the rightful owner by hook or crook, Mobil hired armed men who stormed the Federal High court Calabar on the 9th day of March 2009. Carting away sensitive documents and burning incriminating evidences to ashes.  Some documents were partially recovered. The grand puppeteer surely has so many tricks up his sleeves. They will stop at nothing to achieve their aim.

A clear case of the owner and the thief has dragged on with the carriage and chariots of Corruption. The EFCC boss thought it worthwhile to throw caution and integrity to the wind; he messed up his delicate office and made EFCC a puppet in the hands of the grand puppeteer.  Ibrahim Lamorde took bribe and illegally arrested, detained, charged to court, abused and humiliated the pride of Africa. Professor Clement Uwemedimo. The EFCC lawyer couldn’t tell the presiding judge what a patent right means.

After achieving their evil purpose, EFCC have written to withdraw the case against the Inventor without feedback on their investigations, no apologies or compensation for the abuses and humiliation of the 81 years old. If the EFCC hasn’t been used as a tool, let them show the whole world the outcome of their investigations.

Their intent was quite revealing in their expressions on a public forum where matters were discussed with emotions and passion between both company staffs and followers. Mobil’s agents on NAIRALAND site revealed their clear intent.

The worst happened. When aggrieved, the judiciary remains the last straw for the masses to seek justice or retribution. Therefore the judiciary must maintain a high level of integrity and must earn the trust of the masses at all cost.  It is highly unfortunate that many judges have stooped so low by being transformed from their high estates into puppets that only listens and act according to the wish and plans of the grand puppeteer with money being a strong pulling string.

Justice Gladys Olotu should be sacked without pensions for soiling the name of the judiciary, like her counterparts retired for their judicial abracadabra. Justice Thomas Naron and Justice Charles Archibong were retired for gross misconducts, contrary to their oaths of office.

Her effrontery to entertain and give judgment countering an interlocutory judgment is way too much. She knows the law, she vowed to rule with balance and truth but she values Money than her profession, she worships money than her God, to her, money comes first before Nigerians and our rights. She received bribes to go against the law she vowed to uphold.

Below are the chronological events leading to Justice Gladys Olotu’s show of shame.

In The Federal High Court Of Nigeria In The Uyo Judicial Division Holden At Uyo On Friday 28th  November,2008 Before Judge Gladys K. Olotu (Judge) Between CJA Uwemedimo & Comandclem Nigeria Limited (Plaintiffs) And Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited (Defendant). Suit Number: FHC/UY/CS/47/2003

Judge Gladys K. Olotu reversed the judgment of the Supreme Court of Nigeria won on interlocutory judgment.

Major Events

(1) Five issues were set aside for determination.

Unfortunately, Comandclem Nigeria Limited lost all the five issues. Judge Gladys K. Olotu reversed the judgment of the Supreme Court of Nigeria won on interlocutory judgment. Below are the five issues Judge Gladys K. Olotu ruled upon.

  (i) Is there an agreement oral or otherwise and / or a contract existing between the plaintiffs (CCNL) and the Defendant (MPNU) to pay the Plaintiffs USD2:00 (two united state dollars) per barrel of every petroleum product produced by the Defendant?

Answer: NO . Judgment: Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited: WON! , Comandclem Nigeria Limited: LOST!

 (ii) Can the Plaintiffs (CCNL) claim royalty from the Defendant (MPNU) in respect of the contract of sales as evidenced by the Local Purchase Orders?

Answer: NO, Judgment: Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited: WON! , Comandclem Nigeria Limited: LOST!

 (iii) Is the alleged oral agreement to pay the Plaintiffs US2 per barrel for every petroleum product produced contrary to public policy?

Answer: YES Judgment: Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited: WON! , Comandclem Nigeria Limited: LOST!

(iv) Are the Plaintiffs (CCNL) entitled to the Letter Patent upon which their action is founded, in view of the provision of Section 2 (4) of the Patent and Designs Act, Cap 433 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 1990?

Answer: NO


Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited: WON! , Comandclem Nigeria Limited: LOST!

This pronouncement overruled Supreme Court of Nigeria verdict between the same parties on the same subject matter because the verdict of a superior court is binding on an inferior court.

“The Supreme Court is the final court of appeal in Nigeria. Its decisions are binding on every court in this country. By the doctrine of stare decises all courts are bound to follow the decisions of this court. The reason is simple. Following the previous decisions of this court ensures certainty and order in the judicial system. It ensures stability and removes surprises, counsel is assured that justice would be done, and it reduces stress and makes the task of dispensing justice easier and less onerous.”

Per: Rhodes Vivour Justice Supreme Court Of Nigeria.

ISSAC OBIUWEUBI versus Central Bank of Nigeria SC./266/2006 (Pp 28 -29, paras. E-A)



Below are the previous judgments in different courts up to the Supreme Court.

Executive Summary Of Judgments

(A)   In the Federal High Court Calabar Judicial Division On 27th Of May, 2002 Before Honorable D. A. Adeniji SUIT: FHC/CA/CS/22/2002 Between CJA Uwemedimo & Anor (Plaintiffs), Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited (Defendant).

Major Events

(1)  On 7th of March, 2002, Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited filed a Notice of Preliminary Objection after some preliminary issues have been settled e.g. amended statements of claims, and exchange of pleadings.

(2) The objectives of the Notice of Preliminary Objection are

               (A) That the claim is statute-barred and cannot be entertained in the Federal High Court.

                (B) That Plaintiffs – (CJA Uwemedimo & Anor)  were not entitled to the grant of letters patent by virtue of    section of 2 (4) of the Patent And Designs Act Cap 344 Law Of The Federal Republic Of Nigeria  1990. 

(3) Honorable D. A. Adeniji Interlocutory Judgment

               (A) The first part of the objection is therefore also refused.

                (B) In short, the letter patent cannot be revoked by the procedure now adopted. It can however be proved in evidence during trial. That aspect of the objection is therefore overruled.

(4) Conclusion

               The objection in its entirety is overruled. No order as to costs. The SUBSTANTIVE SUIT is adjourned to 09/07/2002 for hearing.

(5) Reaction of Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited

                Instead of Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited to appear in court on 09/07/2002 for the SUBSTANTIVE SUIT, she appealed against the above INTERLOCUTORY JUDGMENT in the Federal Court of Appeal Calabar Judicial Division.

(B) In The Federal Court Of Appeal Calabar Judicial Division Holden In Calabar On Thursday, 14 Day Of 2005 Appeal No. (CA/C/6/2003) Between Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited (Appellant) And CJA Uwemedimo & Comandclem Nigeria Limited (Respondents)


Major Events


                         In conclusion, I see no merit whatsoever in the appeal. The appeal should be dismissed. I dismiss it. The matter is remitted to the court below for the proceeding to continue before another judge since pleadings have been filed and exchanged. The respondents are entitled to the costs of this appeal assessed and fixed at =N=10,000:00.

(2) An Extract From The Judgment Of CHRISTOPHER M. CHUKWUMA-ENEH

                          I have examined paragraph 29 of the Amended Statement of Claims and I agreed with the respondents (CCNL) there were relieves i.e. cause of actions not caught by the limitation law and it will be unwise to ask the court to strike dawn the claim with relieves as contained (iii), (iv) (v) and (viii) of paragraph 29 of the Amended statement of Claim. It must be observed that relieves (iii), (IV) (v) and (viii) of paragraph 29 of the Amended statement of Claim have not been affected by the limitation law. I do not see the propriety of dismissing the respondents` (CCNL) action in the light of those relieves.

(3) Reaction of Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited

Instead of Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited to accept the above judgment in good faith, she appealed in the Supreme Court of Nigeria out of time.

(C) In the Supreme Court Of Nigeria Holden At Abuja On Tuesday The 30th Day Of May, 2006 Between Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited (Appellant) And CJA Uwemedimo & Comandclem Nigeria Limited (Respondents)(SC/198/2005)

 Major Events

(1)    Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited applied to the Supreme Court of Nigeria to achieve the  following objectives traceable to failure to file within time.

               (I) Extending the time within which to apply for leave to appeal in pursuant to section 233 (4) of the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria of 1990, against the judgment delivered by the court of appeal, Calabar division on the 14th day of July, 2005.

                (II)Granting leave to applicant to appeal against the said judgment of the court of appeal, Calabar division dated on 14th July, 2005.

               (III) For extension of time within which the applicant can file its notice of appeal against the judgment delivered by the court of appeal, Calabar division on the 14th July, 2005.

(2)    The Reactions Of Comandclem Nigeria Limited To “The Application For Time Extension

           Within Which To File” Made By Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited In The Supreme Court

           CJA Uwemedimo & Comandclem Nigeria Limited filed a counter affidavit on 10th of October, 2005 and a further counter affidavit on 24th of January, 2006 to the effect that the motion to appeal the judgment Christopher M. Chukwuma-Eneh was filed out of time recognized by law. And as a result of this, the application should be dismissed.


IT IS ORDERED that this application be refused and it is accordingly dismissed with one thousand naira (=N=1,000:00) cost to the respondents.


 Court: The Applicant has failed to satisfy us as to why the motion should be granted. The application is therefore refused and the motion is dismissed with N1, 000:00 cost to the Respondents (CCNL).

 (5) Reaction of Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited

Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited finally complied with the judgment of CHRISTOPHER M. CHUKWUMA-ENEH to the effect that - “The matter is remitted to the court below        (Federal High Court, Uyo Judicial Division) for the proceedings to continue before another judge since pleadings have been filed and exchanged”

Fellow Nigerians, How on earth did the judgment of Gladys Olotu come by? Why did she rule against the judgment of a superior court? The Master Puppeteer Mobil is responsible.

When an appellate court reviews an interlocutory order, its decision on the matters contained in the order is final. The court enters an interlocutory judgment which makes that part of the case final. Therefore, if a case proceeds to trial after an interlocutory judgment is entered, and an appeal from the trial court judgment follows, the matters decided by the interlocutory judgment cannot be reviewed by the court again.

We advocate that the NJC wield the axe once again. The bad eggs should be done away with. Justice Gladys Olotu should be sacked without pensions. After all, the puppeteer’s dollars reward should be enough to cater for her generations unborn.

We are proud of Mother Integrity, the CJN Justice Aloma Muktar. God has raised her up to save Nigeria and Nigerians from the jaws of judicial abracadabra. She is the much awaited savior to sever the strings of the puppeteers.


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This is not a problem. Contact the CCNL Manager in your State of Registration for your Multi-Purpose I. D. Card Form. CCNL Manager in your State of Registration will surely be of help to you in this regard.




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