Public bus drivers and robbery at CMS (outer Marina)

Quite a number of people have written to me about the robbery that happens in traffic at's another story by someone who has witnessed it. It has happened to me before...a few years ago. They come to your car window in traffic & tell you to wind down or they will break it. Anyway read below
I am avid reader of your blog. I would like you to help bring to the notice of the concerned authorities in Lagos state concerning CMS (outer Marina). Between 5.30am and 6.30am on Weekdays there is usually traffic at this axis. Although traffic on this route is not unusual , however the early morning one is avoidable because it is caused by the Danfo Drivers stopping and picking passengers indiscriminately.
Usually by daylight, they move to their proper bus stop. Now the traffic is not my problem, the problem is because there is traffic, young men use the opportunity to move in between lanes robbing people in cars of their money, phones, etc.
I have witnessed 3 of such in less than 2 months. It is even easier when you don't wind up your glass. I witnessed this morning as a woman with her kids in the car was harassed and robbed by just one man. The woman was shaken and crying and she was the one driving. Without the traffic, this early morning robbery and harassment wont be happening .
The solution is easy and has been done in the past.. all we need is for this 1 hour (5.30am- 6.30am) on weekdays, soldiers or VIO should be stationed there sending the buses to their proper bus stop created for them (LASTMA and policemen are unable to handle it as they are there every morning doing nothing). There was a time in the past that VIO would come for about 30 minutes early in the morning and there would be sanity and free flow of traffic. Kindly help send this to the appropriate authorities.
It is the only route for people like me to work and I go to work in fear everyday. Thank you

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