pretty female Student infects 124 student including lecturers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wit H.I.V

Outrage and amazement are some of the emotions currently on display in Yola, Adamawa State, after the startling revelation contained in a letter addressed to a radio station in the state capital, Radio Gotel, by a lady who claimed to be an undergraduate of the Federal University of Technology Yola (FUTY).

The lady, in the letter which was sent to the producer of the programme, "Heart to Heart", said she contracted the Human Immuno-deficiency Virus (HIV) from her student boyfriend and has, in revenge, willfully slept with some 124 students and lecturers at the school.

The letter also contained the writer's threat to make public the names of those who have had sex with her "on the notice board." This has led to panic and spirited discussions among the male population in Yola, especially within the school community. The school's authorities, however, claim to be unaware of the letter, but promised to look into it.

The letter reads, in part: "I have a well-documented report of all those guys and lecturers who crossed my path, since I got infected with this deadly disease in the campus. So far, I have had 124 students and lecturers; out of these, only six (6) used condoms".

On a revenge mission

Continuing, she said in the letter, "I owe nobody an apology and am still on a spreading till I spread it no more."

The writer, who did not hide the trauma and disappointment she faced, explained in the letter that her first impulse upon the discovery of her HIV status was to take away her own life.

"I, however, did not confide my status to anyone until today (i.e the disclosure via the letter)," she said. "Since 2006, I promised myself that it's in the university I got it and here I will leave it. I have indeed lived to keep my promise.

"I was in year three when a student on his attachment in our school proposed for a relationship. He had all the qualities a woman would want in a man so I gave in. He told me all a girl would want to hear. In my innocence and naivety, I succumbed to his pressure to have sex with him. Consequently, I lost my virginity to him.

"After his placement, he reported for his final year and we still had contacts. I visited him on a number of occasions, I have even lost count the number of times I visited him. He was my first and only love and, therefore, hanged on every word he told me.

"My boyfriend later graduated and we lost contact until last month when his sister told me about his whereabouts. Before registration in the faculty of science, I went for medical test as is the requirement. I then opted for an HIV/AIDS test, which unfortunately turned out to be positive.

"It then dawned on me that I have traded the rest of my life for a university student who had deliberately and intentionally preyed on my innocence".

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I do not think it is necesary for you to have carried out a revenge mission some of the persons you slept with may have had very strong affections for you and ignorantly were defensless towards slleping with you but for you to have and nurse an ulterior motive means you are very wicked.
This is extremely serious!
We are in a world where you can only trust yourself and your God.
It's hard to see a pretty lady in this part of the world and not want to have a bite of her,guys and ladies needs to watch before they pull their skirts and unzip their trousers. Why can't the unmarried wait and the married stay glued to their partner.
Yes, you can be right. That is being HIV positive as at the time she notced it, doesn't meant that it was that her first boy friend that infected her without any laboratory or clinical proof. As such it is a develish act and sheer wickedness for her to start spreading the lethal virus to innocent people like students who I believe must have pure affection for her and spent their money and time before they get her laid. Even though, they must have been foolish enough not to have used comdoms and "PLAY SAFE" despite international camphaign on the spread of the deadly virus everywhere even on campuses all over the national. I really pity them.
Angela Ofomola said:
Are u scared?????????????
Are u from dat state??????? lol
dont worry God will help.

osasere odigie said:
it is a pity though but her mission is a complete outrage that can render a society into a state of higlidy pigldi a purpostrous algae and a lekukhua of anrchaic quantum
infact she needs to be cumbed before it becomes a real mayday mayday situation
abeg make una find her oooo but its quite a pity for her first love to have infected her is rather an unfortunate case
wonders never end
It is a pity that this happen to Angela. Most of the happenings always caused by ourselves, because what happen to her was caused by herself. If u think that you are BEAUTIFUL and play around that is their reward.
Am not pity the lecturer she infected with the HIV but the students who happens to be ur mates.
if this happens to ur brother or sister will ,u pray for that person or curse him.

i will blame this lady as well as our society for this act that she exhibited. Like most people emphasised, what she is doing is a crime against Nigerian as a nation because she is endangering her citizens and increase the scourge of the virus in our society. the economic effect of her action is unspeakable because she focused on our tomorow work force. Apart from the fact that she have sky rocked the HIV prevalence rate of that area.

i want to look at the type of test and the condition under which she got her status result. From her story she went for another test and decided to try HIV. She didnt mention a counsellor, talk of a pre or post test counselling. the news itself is a shock and she developed her own method of acceptance!

I dont know when any of us saw the advert for use of condom last on tv (pls quote me wrong). we are religiously sensitive about birth control and we claim to preach abstinence to avoid pregnancy and the TABOO abortion which our younger generation are not buying. imagine out of 124 men that slept with a woman, only 6 used condom, even that statistic is disheartening.
the society that is you and i need to be more careful, the ministry of health should change all their HIV testing centers to be VCTs (vountary counselling and testing) and it should be made mandatory for all labs to have a counsellor. This is to work on the minds of the testee on the outcomes and need to embrace the result.
Quoting her she said in the letter, "I owe nobody an apology and am still on a spreading till I spread it no more."
Need to tie legs together so she can't spread anymore.

She has ruined so many families and lives so sad.
She is not on a revenge mission she is on a murder mission.
Pray for her soul.

Needs to be put in prison.
124 men................. waoo i bet she will be soooo proud of her achievement. More power to her elbow. somebody please notify guiness book of records. she can get a price now before she expires lol!
This is calous! What this lady does not understand is that her siblings and closed ones could still get infected by her victims. Being HIV-positive is not the end of the world as she could still live a normal life. I am sure she was not adequately enlightened. To put a stop to this calamity, there should be intensive and widespread enlightenment campaign.
This pathetic and deadly lady should be sent to prison for knowingly infecting her victims. Victims ...sorry o...there is no free lunch!
I think the State government and public spirited individuals or organisations should urgently find a way of identifying the lady in question. Efforts must be made to discourage her from inflicting further damage on unsuspecting members of the public. She needs counselling and support. Condemnation wouldn't be of much help to her and the society.


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