pretty female Student infects 124 student including lecturers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wit H.I.V

Outrage and amazement are some of the emotions currently on display in Yola, Adamawa State, after the startling revelation contained in a letter addressed to a radio station in the state capital, Radio Gotel, by a lady who claimed to be an undergraduate of the Federal University of Technology Yola (FUTY).

The lady, in the letter which was sent to the producer of the programme, "Heart to Heart", said she contracted the Human Immuno-deficiency Virus (HIV) from her student boyfriend and has, in revenge, willfully slept with some 124 students and lecturers at the school.

The letter also contained the writer's threat to make public the names of those who have had sex with her "on the notice board." This has led to panic and spirited discussions among the male population in Yola, especially within the school community. The school's authorities, however, claim to be unaware of the letter, but promised to look into it.

The letter reads, in part: "I have a well-documented report of all those guys and lecturers who crossed my path, since I got infected with this deadly disease in the campus. So far, I have had 124 students and lecturers; out of these, only six (6) used condoms".

On a revenge mission

Continuing, she said in the letter, "I owe nobody an apology and am still on a spreading till I spread it no more."

The writer, who did not hide the trauma and disappointment she faced, explained in the letter that her first impulse upon the discovery of her HIV status was to take away her own life.

"I, however, did not confide my status to anyone until today (i.e the disclosure via the letter)," she said. "Since 2006, I promised myself that it's in the university I got it and here I will leave it. I have indeed lived to keep my promise.

"I was in year three when a student on his attachment in our school proposed for a relationship. He had all the qualities a woman would want in a man so I gave in. He told me all a girl would want to hear. In my innocence and naivety, I succumbed to his pressure to have sex with him. Consequently, I lost my virginity to him.

"After his placement, he reported for his final year and we still had contacts. I visited him on a number of occasions, I have even lost count the number of times I visited him. He was my first and only love and, therefore, hanged on every word he told me.

"My boyfriend later graduated and we lost contact until last month when his sister told me about his whereabouts. Before registration in the faculty of science, I went for medical test as is the requirement. I then opted for an HIV/AIDS test, which unfortunately turned out to be positive.

"It then dawned on me that I have traded the rest of my life for a university student who had deliberately and intentionally preyed on my innocence".

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Let's hope she don't spread the disease , all she has 2 do now is to for
Retroviral drugs and live a fulfilled live,
@chris that is just it mothing else

Oboghalome christopher said:
Let's hope she don't spread the disease , all she has 2 do now is to for
Retroviral drugs and live a fulfilled live,
I mean nothing else
She must be from the pit of hell. how can she indulge in such unproductive and destructive venture?
was she forced on the first love? she made a choice and it was the wrong one, instead of her to
help humanity with the lesson she learnt and concentrating on the cure, yes cure! she's busy spreading it.
Guyz self! how much is condom?
Its sooooooo Pathetic a story but, what bothers me most is was she blind folded? She must have been aware of conutless enlightenment campaigns about this deadly disease and how to have safe sex. For crying out loud her mission for revenge is uncalled for, she made a mistake and paid the price for it. Be it as it may, she could have started taking treatment when it was at the early stage rather than her quest for vengence.
Pls, my advice to her is for her to think of getting medication and leave the rest in the hands of the Almighty Lord.
I felt sorry for the way she contacted the virus, however she should be prosecuted for her action. It is GBH at the highest level.
This is quite unfortunate. If she is randomly having sex in order to infect and to inflict others with this disease she should be thrown in jail. She is guilty of many criminal acts. No one raped her? She should have used a condom from the beginning! The boy should also be contacted and if it can be proven in his city that he knew of his condition and inflicted her with it he should also be punished. What she did is a very stupid and cruel thing.

I sympathize with her infection by this guy, but of her infecting other people out of revenge is despicable and she should be made to pay a criminal penalty.

Merry Christmas.
Hell is gradually coming on board the earth.The devil ain't pushing it here but men are calling and pulling it up for a gruesome experience. Someone was saying this fella was confuse confuse enough to sleep with 124 persons including the person who initiated the start. She really needs help if i may add this is also to say that fewer people are realizing that abstinence is the major key to surviving this menace. Well, when people don't learn the simple way the hard way becomes the only but pitiable option. When a person walks/works with fools He/She becomes fools and when you walk with the wise you can only become wiser. For those who have fallen prey sorry this may simply be..... revelation expanded.The truth has no respect for some majority or minority cos Truth is Truth you can't stop it you can only applaud it!
For that mechinery (agent of untold evil) she need not be appraised nor applauded she needs help....i mean real help rehabilitation,counseling and some kind of deliverance.Sleeping with 124 people is kinda outrageous. What is the remains of her?
Frankly speaking, I do not encourage her to continue with her revenge mission. Let her stop setting the whose house ablaze. Those 124 students and lecturers should blame themselves for whatever happened to them. And this should serve as a lesson to everybody. Let him who have ears hear this. Sex outside marriage is a sin before God. If you cheat your partner, HIV/AIDS cheats you too.
Certain lines of her submission are speculative and her conclusion that she got infected by her lover is unscientific! Is the man in question HIV positive? She could've been infected via other means, blood transfusion for instance. tainted instrument such as needles razor and knives used in pedicure and manicure. Besides unprotected sex with an infected person does not automatically translate to a direct score. Her adventure will only worsen her case ; two or more strains of the viral particle will knock her off faster... MC


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