Presidential Election...too many history awaiting.

Ahead of the 16th April, 2011 Presidential polls, history beckons - which ever way the results go. First, the increase in the number of opposition (non-PDP) parliamentarian seats implies that both ACN and CPC stand a good chance at the Presidential election. This also means that the elections may go into a run-off - the first in our political history. Again, should PDP fail to win at first ballot or even the run-off, another history would have been made - the party would lose power at the center for the first time since 1999 and Mr. President would have been the first incumbent Nigerian President to lose re-election. But should PDP win, Mr. President would certainly become the first VP to succeed his boss and most importantly, the first Minority and South-South Commander-in-Chief. Which ever way...lets welcome a new dawn. It is well with NIGERIA.

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A very optimistic view of whatever comes out of April 16th,2011. Thank u!
It is a very healthy development.  It shows how eager our people are to shift from the past and chant a new course for the political development of our dear country.
Rightly optimistic and indeed a sign of positive developments in our politics. Have a lovely day @ Mavos and Charles.


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