It is amazing how perception change minds, i remember just like yesterday how Nigerians were so eager to see GEJ elected as president, like the coming of OBJ after the death of Abacha GEJ was seen as mesiah sent to save the country from the jaw of OBJ vulture regime.  Nigerians received GEJ with open arms and without vetting. Like every vampires that lead the country, GEJ proves to be another one, say the right but  do the wrong. Caught in oil subsdidy scarms, presiding over looters settlement without trials, giving free passes to culprit coruupt club members GEJ knows Nigerians has lost trust in him. Nigerians being what they are always caught up in celebration that proves to be wrong. Like his predecessors, there is no doubt GEJ is in the league of previous vampires or slightly ahead. He has proved Nigerians wrong and in his mind, he might be saying to Nigerians, "am not the messiah for the majority masses you are expecting, but for the few greedy nation vulture, i come to continue the work my predecessors has started which is corroborating in looting the nation's treasury, i came to fulfil my greedy desire which is to stuff my bank account and pass the batton,  my mission is to satisfy the godfathers that i represent,  please Nigerians curb your enthusiasm about me for am  another corrupt prodigy, a cunning criminal, a deceptive crook, and another Nigeria leadership Vampire. 

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Chris, you seem to have aligned yourself with the opposition party.  GEJ is doing his best and I am sure that those calling for his head would have done better if they were there. 


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