When President Yar Adua was still in vegetative state in Saudi Arabia and later sneak in to Aso Rock breathing through King Far ventilating machine and Turai running the show at ASO ROCK with the help of the cabals who want to mummify  Yar Adua to give them time to loot the nation, then GEJ was as cold as ice. intimidated by the cabals who vow to stop at nothing till GEJ presidential ambition is death. Just like yesterday Nigerians rose to the occasion as fair minded people lift GEJ beyounds the reach of the cabals making sure his ambition is realized. Then Nigerians were convince beyound reasonable doubt that seeing light at the end of the tunnel is just a moment away, they see their quiet lamb like GEJ who could not raise his voice before the cabals as trusted one, there was no doubt that Nigerians expects GEJ to reciprocate lifting them over the abyss of poverty, sufferin and hardship, but instead GEJ the quiet lam turn tiger poking his finger into Nigerians eye. With help of economic guru minister of finance Dr. Ngozi iwella, GEJ turn his back on those that helped him on his way up, jacked gas price up, defies pleads from suffering Nigerians who are teetering to see another day, from #65 to #149 thereby doubling  the already overwhelming heavy burden on poor citizens. The picture may look pretty good for GEJ and his associates as everyone of them that get to top always creates new avenue to loot the nation, be it Vison 20/20, Green Revolution, Operation Feed the Nation or MANSA we know how all ended, Nigerians will not be naive to believe that Remover of oil subsidy will be different. GEJ can smile from the praise of UN and EU, we know what those organizations stand for and the mentality of those that runs them. Mubarak, Saddam, Gaddafi, Mobutu, all received praise. One thing GEJ need to understand is that the invaders of January will meet their fates at hands of the opressed. For Nigerians the ball is their court, they need to know that proscrastination is a theive of time and fear is a disease that cripples a weak mind and there is no freedom without blood. Yes, it is so true, if blood is then the food of freedom and freedom the food of life why are we dying in silence when we can shower ourselves with life through freedom from the invaders of OCTOBER  1st.         

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The president situation makes room for diverse of opinions from Nigerians because everyone is affected.  But I would rather advise fellow Nigerians not to despair.  Let us believe strongly that the present scenario is for  the interest of all of us.


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