ONE FIFTY MILLION MATCH FOR PRESIDENT GOODLUCK JONATHAN call on all Nigerians to support President Goodluck Jonathan all the way.  


 if you ever want to be a real player you have to ask for something. If you don’t you will never be trusted in the political play – you have to ask and owe. It’s expected." 

In approaching the PDP Presidential primaries, I have found it fascinating to observe and to feel the press of yet another political race. President Goodluck Jonathan represents the possibility for some change. As the president of Nigeria, he has demonstrated an ability to engage in our political process in a manner that is intelligent, realistic, and focused. He has been criticized as being “too inexperienced” to lead the nation. Those are criticisms that are worthy of consideration but certainly not determinative or deterrent. Both criticisms have to do with doubt. Doubt that his candidacy is mature enough and experienced enough to handle the pressures of the Presidency.


 It seemed to me, that the PRESIDENTIAL VILLA “Aso Rock” – the most powerful political institution in the Nigeria – was always “on.” It was 24/7 operation and it included some of the most dedicated and intelligent individuals in the country – they planned for everything. But each day, each week – another emergency arose and inevitably, there was a plan that had not been prepared. In my view, President Goodluck Jonathan will bring people who can match any administration – past or current – in providing the quality of public service. I have no concerns in this regard. 


What makes President Goodluck Jonathan the candidate who is best suited for the office today? It is his being. His very essence. President Goodluck Jonathan seems to be a man who holds well all the contradictions that this nation currently struggles with collectively: inexperience, a desire to do good in the Nigeria while doing well, lots of ideas and lots of energy, an exuberance that is sometimes misread as arrogance and insensitivity, and a heart that wishes to serve a greater common good. 


I say he holds these qualities well because he seems to recognize both his strengths and weaknesses as a president and a candidate for the office of the Presidency. In that recognition, he has sought the advice and counsel of those far more experienced than himself. Yet, he has maintained a clear voice that appears still to be authentically his own. He has chosen to be a candidate in a Presidential race that is pivotal for this nation. We find ourselves once again at a crossroads at a moment in human history that feels different from the military regime. It feels that the destiny of all of humanity is in the balance today, given our capacity for religious war or peace; our capacity to choose a course that will allow us to live in Nigeria that is more a garden than a dumping ground; our capacity to reach across cultures and traditions and religions to find the common humanity among all people across many nations. The right leader must emerge who can speak to these challenges, without words, but in their very being. That candidate, it seems to me, is President Goodluck Jonathan.


 In the midst of the criticism of his inexperience, I still sense that even his critics hope that he can make his point. I am pleased to hear and see that President Goodluck Jonathan has chosen to move in a decisive and serious way – apparently understanding that his very being puts many issues into play. The bottom line: when I see all the candidates in the field, President Goodluck Jonathan makes me feel most secure in Nigeria that we live in today. He is the leader for these times. That’s the gut-level test. He is the only one who passes it for me. 




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Good talk, but recall that not all 150 million will match 4 him, so he should expect stiff competition from different quarters hence he needs to work hard. However count me among the 150 million.
@ Okolobah Efe Michael , We thank you for your support.....You are most definitely being counted as we match towards a better Nigeria.


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