Practical Strategies, Tactics And Laws Of Winning Any Woman Even If You Met Her The First Time

Practical Strategies, Tactics And Laws Of Winning Any Woman Even If You Met Her The First Time
My Dear Friend This is What You Are About To Miss:

The 3s of conversing with girls

How to initiate a conversation with a girl

What to do in the first 3 seconds you meet a girl

How to read body language (of the girl) and how to use it to your benefit

How to talk to a girl in the presence of her friends

The signs to watch out for if a girl is interested or not

What to do if a girl is playing hard to get

How to make any girl run after you

Killer traits you must develop to attract any girl you meet

The kind of personality girls want

Become a ladies man

Become powerful, popular and influential with this tips

Get any lady you meet the first time literally offering her 080??? to you and asking

for an appointment with you.

This is just a fraction of what you will learn from this e-book. This is not one of

those scraps you see out there, it’s a classical piece. This book contains practical

tips and relevant examples to drive home the juice in the book. Do you know that we

have more women buying this book even though the book is for men? May be you should

get a copy to find out.

This product comes with FREE 6 SUPER BONUSES that any wise fellow will run after.

See them below:

Bonus #1 Handbook To A Happier Life by Jim Donovan worth $11.95 (1,820 naira)


“Handbook To A Happier Life is great! It is brief, easy to

read, practical and filled with useful exercises for making

positive changes. This great book should be a part of every one’s self-help library.

Bonus #2 How to Read Body Language by Philip Redhead worth $5.87 (895 naira)

In case you don’t think learning how to read and use body language is not important,

here are some statistics about the messages we receive from someone we meet.

• 7% of the information we receive is from what they actually say.

• 38% of information we receive is from the tone, inflection and speed

of their voice.

• A staggering 55% of the information we receive is from their

body language.

Bonus #3 Mind Powers: How To Use And Control Your Potentials by Christian H.

Godefroy worth $38.79 (5,896 naira)

You will surely be amazed learning the powers of your mind and how you can use it to

win always

Bonus #4 How To Test Your IQ by Ken Russell and Philip Carter worth $30.59 (4,650


400 new tests to boost your brainpower! Guaranteed.

Bonus #5 101 Ways To Boost Your Relationship by me Kevin Ashwe worth 1,900 naira.

You won’t like to miss this hot killer tips that has been Tried, Tested and Trusted.

Bonus #6 The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey worth $55 (8,360 naira)

A National Bestseller, Over 10 million copies sold

So how much is this gem of a package worth? I’m sure you’re thinking it will be around 20,000 naira or more. But you know what, I am giving you this offer for a ridiculous low price of #1,500 yes I mean One Thousand Five Hundred Naira only.
But you may be wondering why am giving this much for a token, seeing the quality and practical self help tips it contains. The simple reason is that I have already made money selling this product on selling it in dollars but knowing that most Nigerians don’t have access and means (Master card, Credit card etc) to buy products online I decided to localize the sale to make it easier and affordable to my fellow Nigerians. Let us do a simple arithmetic #1,820 + #895 + #5,896 + #4,650 + #1900 + #8,360 will be what? That’s the value of what am giving you for just #1,500. I mean #23,521 value for just #1,500 I think am fair enough don’t you think so…


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