It is common that everyone wants to be treated equally, and it is right because we were all created equal by God, but the question is why does some people thinks they are better to remain in power? Does it mean that nobody is good enough to succeed them? It seems this has been the problem with all the african nations, take ivory coast and tunisia as example, the crises going on there now is the problem of power release. In Nigeria, there has never been frequent bomb explosion, but because power seems to be slipping out from where it used to be to another area where nobody expected, that is when you see this counury become the best place for iraqi's best kind of business. Another question is does these mean that africans cannot lead themselves, or should the colonial masters come back and continue teaching us again? Please africa, it is time for a change, a time to realise that we are in the 21st century, a time to know that no one is a minority. Let us come together and work as one and make africa a better place

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it is greediness that is their problem we are not talking about a chieftancy tittle here but a leader that will lead us well for a better tomorrow power rotation that is ridiculous, on heard of , please fellow Nigerian is time we vote a credible candidate not the one impose on us, I for one I am not in support of power rotation


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